30 Days, 30 Dares

You might not know this, but The Soul Map™ — my beloved business + bodacious life’s work — emerged out of three words: “I dare you.”

It was three years ago, and I was working as a (fairly conventional) life + small business coach, making a (fairly modest) living.

Though I never, ever dared to talk about it in “public,” I was already a seasoned + passionate astro-seer.

For decades, I’d obsessively studied cultural shifts, business innovation, economic meltdowns, even protests + wars — fascinated by the way that they (always) aligned with celestial patterns. And when I wasn’t doing that, I spent over 1,000 hours interviewing thought-leaders + change-makers from every discipline, around the world — just to better understand the nature of change + uncertainty (and, as it turned out, calling + purpose).

I felt a tug at my soul, urging me to bring my astrological superpowers “out of the closet” — and use them to help people better understand their purpose + business potential. Not to mention the global change-movement afoot…

But I was scared of losing everything I’d worked so hard to build — professional credibility, a sensible online persona, and clients who trusted me.

“It’s daring to be curious about the unknown, to dream big dreams, to live outside prescribed boxes, to take risks, and above all, daring to investigate the way we live until we discover the deepest treasured purpose of why we are here.” —Luci Swindoll

So I kept my lips zipped. Until … two sistafriends + clients dared me to try something different.

The challenge? Slap up a website. Accept the call to announce your astro-genius to the world. Give it one month. See what transpires.

The response was over-the-moon overwhelming. After just a few weeks I was booked solid for 6 months. The business took on a breath, pulse + life of its own. And today — 3 years later — we’re growing, evolving + still going strong.

If I’d allowed my assumptions + insecurities to rule the day … if I’d said, “no thank you, darlings” to the women who issued The Dare … if I’d chosen to settle for my near-purpose, instead of my true purpose … If I hadn’t answered ‘the call’… well, The Soul Map™ would never have come into existence. And the world would be missing the very best of my gifts (& I one of my life’s greatest joys…).

A dare changed my life — and now, I dare you to change yours.

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert the integrity of your purpose and vision…” —Cecil Beaton

Over the next 30 days, you’ll receive 30 dares from some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I know — thought-leaders, transformational speakers, authors, teachers + innovationeers.

Mavericks & Trailblazers like Andrea J. Lee, Jen Louden, Suzanne Falter, Alexandra Franzen, Elizabeth Marshall, Shawn Driscoll, Isabel Parlett, Julie Daley, Eric Klein – just to name a few.

If any of these get-your-groove-on dares captivates you, lean in & pay very close attention. There’s a reason it’s grabbing your heart. A reason you’re seeing it now.

It’s your life telling you its time for you to dare something somewhere…

Lawd knows, we need all hands on deck these days, daring with the best & boldest our minds + hearts + souls have to offer. But daring, even when you know you need to (or must) isn’t easy.

Which is why, all January long, we’ve got 30 Dares for you…


You just never know where one good dare’ll lead…

Or how much it’ll change … for good.

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I Dare You to treat your gifts as the gifts they actually are.

When I was 22 years old I discovered Rolfing®. To give you the short version, Rolfing is a form of manual therapy that works in the connective tissue to get your body integrated, which translates, for many, to fixing the chronic pain and mobility problems that range from nagging... read more »

— Brooke Thomas


I dare you to surrender to Spirit … completely.

I dare you to surrender to Spirit … completely. What if you let go of all that didn’t work in your life. Perhaps gradually … or perhaps not? What if you allowed yourself to finally sink into the unfettered bliss you have been given in this lifetime? The bliss that is... read more »

— Suzanne Falter


I dare you to hurt more.

I love my business. I love supporting my fabulous clients, I love figuring out new ways to use technology, I love problem solving when things go wonky. But in the end, for me, it was just my business: something that makes money so I can live an amazing life with my... read more »

— Jeremie Miller


I dare you to reach more people with your work.

As we move into this New Year, still shiny and new- I dare you to do something different this year. I dare you to become more well known and let your business support you fully and with grace. And yes, I have a personal reason for this request. You see- I’m... read more »

— Rachna Jain


I dare you to break the chains of I should.

however many years ago when something primitive inside leapt into life and pushed you up up, up, up, then forward and blop! down on your bum you dared to take your first step audacious in the face of gravity and hardwood floors and splinters you fell one step at a time you fell in stocking feet and diapered... read more »

— Andrea J. Lee


I dare you to take more field trips.

I went to an elementary school high on a hill overlooking the city of Boston. The windows were big and the classrooms bright. Miss Moran, the principal, ran a tight ship and preached the value of order, predictability, and discipline. ... read more »

— Lois Kelly


I dare you to not be Moses.

I love the famous story about Rabbi Zusya, the one where he is fretting about dying and his students are like "Dude, you're so good. You're so wise. You've lived the law to the letter, right up there with Moses. No problem - God is going to be so happy with you." And Zusya gets up in their grills and yells they don't get. "In the world to come, they will not ask me, 'Zusya, why were you not Moses?' They will ask me, 'Zusya, why were you not Zusya?'"... read more »

— Jen Louden


I dare you to choose the easiest path forward.

If you are a caring, heart-centered person, then integrity is already one of your highest values. Integrity and contribution, wanting to make a difference for people. I get it. You care. You want to be generous. You want to make an impact. And you're working really hard. And maybe it feels like you can't get any momentum... Stop, for just a second. Because I'm worried about you. Seriously.... read more »

— Mark Silver


I dare you to build your business on LOVE.

In so many ways, love has always been in my life. But most importantly, love was in my life when there was much struggle. While growing up I lost my father and both of my brothers - and it was tragic for my family. What I remember most though is how much love surrounded me. I remember growing through the most difficult times because of love.... read more »

— Chelsea Berler


I dare you to love the Goo.

Before a caterpillar can become a butterfly, it must become goo. Within the cocoon, the caterpillar dissolves into a liquid that is rich with nutrients and potential. It’s super goo. The butterfly emerges from the goo. All transformations include this gooey phase. Whether the transformation is individual or collective, goo is part of it. Between where you are and who you are called to become – is goo. To bring your gifts to the world; to fulfill your purpose; you need to learn to love the goo.... read more »

— Eric Klein


I dare you to touch life.

One of the things we humans fear most is fully inhabiting our bodies. Being human is a vulnerable proposition, and being a woman is even more so. Most of us have a keen fear of death, and for those of us who do, we make life choices, mostly unwittingly, that value safety and security over risk-taking and vulnerability. We seem to find comfort, in a safe fearful way, in our belief that we are separate from each other, even though safety's handmaiden is often loneliness. When we believe this, we grow lonely, and brittle, and afraid of connection. Our bodies become shields against life, against feeling, and against love.... read more »

— Julie Daley


I dare you to disengage.

Not yet. Wait and kindly keep reading. I dare you to disengage, to unplug, to remove yourself as the circuitry from a conversation, situation, a moment, a relationship, a thought… that is not one you want to be a part of. Disengagement says “not like this”. It’s a powerful thing to do. Sometimes, it is the kindest and most compassionate thing for all involved.... read more »

— Randi Buckley


I dare you to do away with what you've been putting up with.

My dare to you is to be willing to be honest with yourself about what it is about your current work, projects, business etc that is unattractive to you. There are aspects of what you do that you don't like. They drain you, frustrate you, annoy you. You wish someone else would do them. If you're honest, you feel like a victim of them. You don't like the book keeping. The networking. The dealing with customers. You secretly hate public speaking. Or the following up. ... read more »

— Tad Hargrave


I dare you to play with crayons!

Have you played like a child lately? Children tend to be more creative, fearless and take more risks than adults do and they do it all with a big smile on their faces. Adults are more set in their ways and we sit at our technology waiting for creativity to pop up on a website or email. When was the last time you had a great idea at your computer? Don't get me wrong I do love technology and have my fair share of gadgets! But when I get out my crayons and markers it brings me back to the space of being curiously creative and fearless.... read more »

— Sandra De Freitas


I dare you to stop fixing and start listening.

There is a black /white race dialogue program here in Asheville, NC, where I live. Each session meets for nine weeks, and in those weeks, groups of black and white people meet together in small groups to talk about racism in our area. You meet with the same 10-12 people each Monday night for several hours. We read, we listen to films and speakers, we explore. And then we talk. We hear stories and hurt each other’s feelings. We step on toes and sometimes, but not always, become friends across a racial divide. ... read more »

— Patti Digh


I dare you to wear your business like your favourite pair of jeans.

I am not at all psychic, and nevertheless... I think I might know what your biggest dream is. Underneath all the dreams you have in your life - great income, relationships, travel, family, sharing your unique twinkle big time in the world with your business... The foundation under all of these brave and worthwhile adventures you are fully engaged with, is one simple dream...... read more »

— Alex Baisley


I dare you to believe how great you really are.

I made a mistake last week involving pants… I bought them. The problem is, and I have to say that I pretty much knew this before I left the store, they don't fit. In my defense, I am a man. I don't like clothes-shopping to begin with, and when you throw in the extra step of having to try things on, I get to a point where I'd gladly plunk down my credit card on an ill-fitting clown suit, if I thought it would get me out of the store faster.... read more »

— Michael Katz


I dare you to take your turn.

Lissa Boles here, grateful host of all this 30 Days 30 Dares goodness… Whether you’ve been following the series since the beginning, or you joined in somewhere along the way, I hope it’s helped you see things with fresh eyes and begin the year in a daring & uncommon way.... read more »

— Lissa Boles