Givin’ People More Than A Piece o’ Our Minds

Everything you’ll need to know about ‘The Trend’ this year’s unique Mercury Retrograde Trio sets in motion – ready or not!

Well, we’re off to the Mercury Rx races, so to speak – and normally, we talk about the ups ‘n’ downs of working with the Winged One’s wonky ways.

But this year, something different’s afoot…

In a month traditionally all about the love, 2014‘s first Mercury’s Retrograde (started the 6th & runs till the 27th) is something of a perfect fit. And a launch of sorts of year-long business imperative.

14-02-08(1)In cahoots with a few other canny cosmic players, this Rx aims to tune us into the subtler sensibilities & intelligences of the heart – so we’re not just givin’ people a piece o’ our minds.

It then aim’s to link what the heart knows with our linguistically-trained minds so we can more easily communicate the emotive nature of what matters most – especially about those thing’s that seem perfectly logical and ‘should’ feel right but don’t. 

Sounds good, right?  It is, AND there’s a bit of a trick to working with this Rx well…

Because it begins in the waters of Pisces, we’ll likely find that to know (much less convey) what needs to be said, we’ll need to float around in wordless experience first.

And stay put till the words start to come…

To translate the whole of things into language that connect us to what’s true beyond accepted forms of logic and language, we have to connect to the whole of things first.

How we speak to ourselves and one another – especially in & about business – can so easily become reductive shorthand that fails to capture & convey what’s now essential & necessary.

We had feelings long before we had words for them, and with this (& all three of the year’s Rx’s) we’re asking ourselves to reclaim our capacity to tap into & convey their uncommon logic.

See, despite beginning in water, about midway through the Rx (15th to 17th), Mercury’ll move from water to air (in this case, from Pisces to inventive, status-quo-shifting Aquarius), nudging us to find new ways to communicate more holistic, emotionally-true, meaningfully-connective messages.

Now, Emotive Messaging & Branding’s been a trend on the rise for a bit now, but given this water-to-air Rx is just the first of three, this baby trend is going to seriously spike in 2014.

Which means it’s high time to get down to re-thinking how our business’s brand makes people feel, including us.

Makes a whole lotta sense (& cents) when you think about it…

The brands we buy and the businesses we invest ourselves in (attention & engagement are two of today’s most valuable forms of currency) have to demonstrate that we actually matter to them for them to matter to us, right?

And when they do, what do we do – and do gladly?

14-02-08(2)We could even call this hard-working trend (brought to you courtesy of much-maligned Mercury Rx) “Bring back that lovin’ feelin’”.

Cause if there ain’t no real feelin’, there won’t be much dealin’.

The heart speaks, ya’ll.

Psst… Like a little support grokking the possibilities in all this for your business?  Stay tuned for Part Two of this series, where we’ll explore the first of two stunner case-studies.

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