(So Much) More Than Words: Part 1

In one way or another, everything communicates.

Cindy Cruciger

Few things are more innovation-inspiring or dot-connecting for purpose-preneurs than case-studies: the true stories of people who’ve found ways to marry inner and outer life, masculine with feminine principles, money with service, profit with prayer, and business with blessing help us see beyond the formulaic ways we tend to approach business.

Here’s a stunner of a case-study for you…

14-02-08(3)It comes complete with a delicious podcast with one of our very own, Soul Map Alum Sara Avant Stover, who’s personal path of growth & healing grew to become her work (sound familiar?).

14-02-08(4)The originator of a potent form of feminine spiritual journeying called The Red Tent, Sara’s way of being in business epitomizes the purpose & spirit of her work so beautifully, every touch congruently conveys its essential message – and becomes a journey in and of itself.

Her new event-specific site oozes a sense of what’s held sacred, gutsy in a quietly audacious way, and is so entirely Sara – yet much more than Sara – it’s an eye-opening example of purpose-driven innovation in business.

It’s also perfectly timed, serving a cluster of rising trends so well, it’s almost stupefying.

14-02-08(5)What’s particularly opportune for us studying emerging trends in purpose-preneurship right now is this: Sara’s in the middle of convening a new group of Red Tent sisters for a 9-month spiritual sojourn like no other I’ve seen – and the way the offer’s been lovingly crafted, the invitation extended, the site designed and the launch inhabited is powerfully & inspiringly instructive (I’ve been taking notes for more than a week).

It might even be an offer your women’s heart has been waiting for, or one that could help your man’s heart much better understand your female client’s spiritual needs & hungers (if only to realize they’re likely far different than yours).

You’ll be hearing more about Sara in the day’s ahead – she’s such a stellar example of the richness in our midst – but for now, please give the podcast a listen as you tour the site.

Pssst… you’re gonna wanna take a notebook with you.

P.S. This is Part 2 of a 3-part series exploring the innovation opportunities within a trend-spike this year’s Mercury Retrogrades point to. You’ll find Part 1 here.

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