Betcha Didn’t Know…

Carl Jung 1While studying astrology I have applied it to concrete cases many times….While astrology is flourishing as never before, it is still most unsatisfactorily explored despite very frequent use. It is not mere superstition but contains some psychological facts which are of considerable importance.

C.G. Jung, in letters to Robert L. Kroom & L.Oswald.

Like a lot of people, I hadn’t a clue the illustrious Carl Jung – revolutionary father of Jungian psychotherapy, and originator of concepts like the collective unconscious and synchronicity – had anything to do with astrology.

I’d just lumped it in with parlor tricks and fun things to do on a lark, provided you didn’t take it too seriously.

Turns out that during the later half of his career, Dr. Jung preferred not to see new clients ‘til he’d had a chance to thoroughly study their astrological chart, produced by his astrologer daughter, Gret.

A good many of his more ‘risqué’ – and ultimately successful – working theories were a by-product of what he saw in his practice as he applied astrology, among other things.

I remember hearing this during my first ‘reading’ (a celebratory ‘lark’ on my 40th birthday – ha ha!) from the woman who ended up becoming my teacher, someone who also happens to be licenced psychotherapist and talk-radio personality.

A big ole light-bulb went on…

Given that Jung was very publically taken to the professional mat by his own mentor, Sigmund Freud (who’d cautioned Jung against the risk of professional hazing dabbling in the ’occult’ might mean) it’s not hard to understand why so many people still think of astrology as I once did – or keep their use of it quiet.

Thank God Jung tapped into the audacity he needed to stay true to himself and his life’s walk on the wild side mission as he discovered his work: there might still be a lot of us ‘in the closet’ if he hadn’t.

Myself included.