In this silence. everything speaks to me; and in your noise, everything falls silent.

Cindy Cruciger

14-02-08(6)“Joshua Fields Millburn, who at age 27 became the youngest director of operations at a large telecom company in the Midwest, had been asked to craft a plan to close eight retail stores and terminate 41 workers. But when he handed the report to his boss in early 2011, it included 42 names. At the top of the list he’d written his own.”

~ ~ ~

This piece from Yahoo Finance chronicles the changes Joshua Millburn (& friend Ryan Nicodemus) made in response to feelings that made clear it was time to reorient his life his way.

It also illustrates how these personal changes led to the progressive realization of his calling – to write, teach and lead by example – and the development of a body of work plugged directly into the zeitgeist & a rapidly growing business (which is likely why Yahoo Finance picked up the story) that reflects that calling & the values and principles behind it.

14-02-08(7)Once you’ve given the piece a read, take another minute to continue the case-study by exploring Millburn’s site, The Minimalists.

You’ll see that Millburn’s style – from posts & books, offers and site design – emotively communicates the way of life he stands for & helps others live.

In less than 2 years, this “active congruency” has attracted 2 million readers (& considerable media attention), people who want to live a simpler but richer kind of life, just like him.

Communication today? So much more than words…

All hail Mercury Rx.

P.S. This is the conclusion of a 3-part series exploring the innovation opportunities within a trend-spike the year’s Mercury Retrograde’s point to. You’ll find Part 1 & Part 2 here.

In one way or another, everything communicates.

Cindy Cruciger

Few things are more innovation-inspiring or dot-connecting for purpose-preneurs than case-studies: the true stories of people who’ve found ways to marry inner and outer life, masculine with feminine principles, money with service, profit with prayer, and business with blessing help us see beyond the formulaic ways we tend to approach business.

Here’s a stunner of a case-study for you…

14-02-08(3)It comes complete with a delicious podcast with one of our very own, Soul Map Alum Sara Avant Stover, who’s personal path of growth & healing grew to become her work (sound familiar?).

14-02-08(4)The originator of a potent form of feminine spiritual journeying called The Red Tent, Sara’s way of being in business epitomizes the purpose & spirit of her work so beautifully, every touch congruently conveys its essential message – and becomes a journey in and of itself.

Her new event-specific site oozes a sense of what’s held sacred, gutsy in a quietly audacious way, and is so entirely Sara – yet much more than Sara – it’s an eye-opening example of purpose-driven innovation in business.

It’s also perfectly timed, serving a cluster of rising trends so well, it’s almost stupefying.

14-02-08(5)What’s particularly opportune for us studying emerging trends in purpose-preneurship right now is this: Sara’s in the middle of convening a new group of Red Tent sisters for a 9-month spiritual sojourn like no other I’ve seen – and the way the offer’s been lovingly crafted, the invitation extended, the site designed and the launch inhabited is powerfully & inspiringly instructive (I’ve been taking notes for more than a week).

It might even be an offer your women’s heart has been waiting for, or one that could help your man’s heart much better understand your female client’s spiritual needs & hungers (if only to realize they’re likely far different than yours).

You’ll be hearing more about Sara in the day’s ahead – she’s such a stellar example of the richness in our midst – but for now, please give the podcast a listen as you tour the site.

Pssst… you’re gonna wanna take a notebook with you.

P.S. This is Part 2 of a 3-part series exploring the innovation opportunities within a trend-spike this year’s Mercury Retrogrades point to. You’ll find Part 1 here.

Everything you’ll need to know about ‘The Trend’ this year’s unique Mercury Retrograde Trio sets in motion – ready or not!

Well, we’re off to the Mercury Rx races, so to speak – and normally, we talk about the ups ‘n’ downs of working with the Winged One’s wonky ways.

But this year, something different’s afoot…

In a month traditionally all about the love, 2014‘s first Mercury’s Retrograde (started the 6th & runs till the 27th) is something of a perfect fit. And a launch of sorts of year-long business imperative.

14-02-08(1)In cahoots with a few other canny cosmic players, this Rx aims to tune us into the subtler sensibilities & intelligences of the heart – so we’re not just givin’ people a piece o’ our minds.

It then aim’s to link what the heart knows with our linguistically-trained minds so we can more easily communicate the emotive nature of what matters most – especially about those thing’s that seem perfectly logical and ‘should’ feel right but don’t. 

Sounds good, right?  It is, AND there’s a bit of a trick to working with this Rx well…

Because it begins in the waters of Pisces, we’ll likely find that to know (much less convey) what needs to be said, we’ll need to float around in wordless experience first.

And stay put till the words start to come…

To translate the whole of things into language that connect us to what’s true beyond accepted forms of logic and language, we have to connect to the whole of things first.

How we speak to ourselves and one another – especially in & about business – can so easily become reductive shorthand that fails to capture & convey what’s now essential & necessary.

We had feelings long before we had words for them, and with this (& all three of the year’s Rx’s) we’re asking ourselves to reclaim our capacity to tap into & convey their uncommon logic.

See, despite beginning in water, about midway through the Rx (15th to 17th), Mercury’ll move from water to air (in this case, from Pisces to inventive, status-quo-shifting Aquarius), nudging us to find new ways to communicate more holistic, emotionally-true, meaningfully-connective messages.

Now, Emotive Messaging & Branding’s been a trend on the rise for a bit now, but given this water-to-air Rx is just the first of three, this baby trend is going to seriously spike in 2014.

Which means it’s high time to get down to re-thinking how our business’s brand makes people feel, including us.

Makes a whole lotta sense (& cents) when you think about it…

The brands we buy and the businesses we invest ourselves in (attention & engagement are two of today’s most valuable forms of currency) have to demonstrate that we actually matter to them for them to matter to us, right?

And when they do, what do we do – and do gladly?

14-02-08(2)We could even call this hard-working trend (brought to you courtesy of much-maligned Mercury Rx) “Bring back that lovin’ feelin’”.

Cause if there ain’t no real feelin’, there won’t be much dealin’.

The heart speaks, ya’ll.

Psst… Like a little support grokking the possibilities in all this for your business?  Stay tuned for Part Two of this series, where we’ll explore the first of two stunner case-studies.

How a certain kind of faith may be keeping you all kinds of stuck in your business.

In almost every culture in the modern world, there’s an equivalent phrase for, ‘Quick Fix’.

Arguably because our faith in the fast-fix “10,000 Fans in 10 Days” or “6-Figures in 60 Days” promise runs pretty darned deep world-wide.

Sadly, our belief in its all-encompassing power is largely unfounded, says best-selling author Carl Honore.

“Every quick fix whispers the same seductive promise of maximum return for minimum effort. But that equation seldom adds up… The inconvenient truth is that quick fixes rarely fix anything at all. And sometimes they just make things worse.”

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How to find the spark that produces a one-of-a-kind purposeful business and its unique products and services

Ever wonder why Oprah or Seth Godin or Richard Branson (or…… extraordinary purposepreneur of your choice) are able to do as much as they do with the same 24-hours we all have?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, ‘How do I start to translate my purpose into a product (service, offer, business platform, etc.)?”

If you’ve been searching for an answer to that very question (only to find a whole whack of one-size-fits-all, formulas & and little else), the two-part answer to the question in today’s episode of Soul Map TV’ll probably make a new kind of ‘ah ha!’ sense to you.

And then become something you’ll likely try to find a how-can-I-make-this-go-faster work-around for (which is a BIG part of the reason why the short-cut promise of cookie-cutter formula’s are so darned tempting).

But I digress…

This simple process is at the heart of every (and I do mean every) purposeful business.

And every innovation that business creates.

Without exception.

Take Eric Klein of for example….

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