Don’t Just Do Something: Stand There
If you knew that one fundamental (but very counter-intuitive) belief was messing with your success & prosperity potential, what would you do?

Ever wonder why Oprah or Seth Godin or Richard Branson (or…… extraordinary purposepreneur of your choice) are able to do as much as they do with the same 24-hours we all have?

Without missing much of a beat?


And when I tell you what I’ve learned about what Soul Map Alum & sistafriend Marie Guthrie calls Quantum Results, you’re gonna argue with me.

I’ve been watching this one shift work what some might call miracles in the lives and businesses of others.

And I’ve been living it the last few years myself, giving me a healthy store of experiential evidence (otherwise I’d still be arguing with me!). ...

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Are You An Innie or An Outie?
A short cut that’ll put you closer to your ‘Great Work’ sweet spot faster

True: every purposepreneur I’ve ever met wants to:

a) do their life’s best, original work while
b) making the difference they’re meant to, and
c) all the money they need to while
d) changing business itself.

True: knowing what makes THAT possible for us is as important (and often more important) as knowing whatever we may need to know about business

True: few of us know what THAT is.

Which is kind of’ve a big problem since it is, in large part, the source of our originality & ‘Great Work’ ...

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Who’s Your 1st Customer?
Why not knowing’ how business works’ can make you the perfect business rule-breaker, and YOU the next breakout success story.

Wanna hear something radically counter-intuitive about purposeful business?

Most of the innovatively successful – the ones who bring to life something we’ve never seen or experienced before – don’t go into business knowing all that much (if anything at all) about business. And because they don’t, their approach is entirely different.

Cause it has to be. So different, in fact, they inadvertently (what?!) ‘break the mold’ (can you say innovation?), and that makes a world of difference. ...

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