We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child, but I’m bettin’ nobody told you it also takes a village to grow a business + the person behind it. Or that many hands + hearts + moments nudge along & nurture leaps of faith, breakthrough & transformation… All those bright, shining faces down there in that Circle of Co-Conspiracy? They are my village.

People of my heart, each one driven by principle + passion + sacred ambition. Not to mention a courageously audacious, generous & visionary purpose. I hope you’ll let them become your village too.

Many hands. Many hearts. Light work.


Andrea J. Lee
Linda Jones
Alexandra Franzen
Indrani Goradia
Elizabeth Marshall
Chelsea Berler
Jimbo Marshall
Erin Ferree
Elyse Hope
Rachna Jain
Eric Klein
Shawn Driscoll
Jeremie Miller
Shawn Shepheard
Isabell Parlett
Suzanne Falter
Lois Kelley
Molly Gordon