Congratulations and Welcome!

Hey there, Soul Mapper …

Welcome to The Soul Map™.

Life is perpetual dance of decisions — and you’ve just made a BIG one.

I’m so thrilled you’ve chosen to experience The Soul Map™ — and I can’t wait to help you see + appreciate the logic of your own life.

Check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail, which should be on it’s way to you shortly (you should begin to receive your weekly copy of the Soul MapTM Insider soon too)!

I want this whole experience to feel like a luxurious treat, so I’ve made the Gettin’ Ready process as simple as can be. Ready?

STEP #1:

Hop over to this page + enter your birthdate, time + location.

Not sure if you were born at 12 noon sharp, or “sometime
after breakfast?” No worries.

Just be as accurate as you can, and we’ll be jim dandy.


Choose a date + time for your first Soul Map™ conversation.

Your Soul Map™ experience includes 3 cosmic blueprints-in-one: The Purpose Map™, The Freedom Map™ + The Prosperity Map™. You’ll have 3 one-hour conversations with me to interpret each map. I recommend scheduling your
conversations at least one week apart, to give you time to digest the cosmic download. But — the timing + spacing is entirely up to you.

To book your first conversation, use my online scheduling tool at:

or contact my (fabulous) client concierge at:, for extra-lovin’ + hand-holding.


Oh wait … there is no Step Three.

You don’t have to do anything else to prepare for our time together — just show up relaxed + prepared to enjoy yourself. There’s so much clarity + affirmation, just around the corner.

I can’t wait to share it, with you.

A few other bits + pieces (no action required — just tuck ‘em in a mental folder):

: All of our Soul Map™ conversations will take place on a private conference line (or Skype for all you ‘the world’s a big place’ people – just raise your hand!).

You’ll receive a dial-in number + passcode (or Skype ID), as soon as you schedule your first conversation.

: All of our Soul Map™ conversations will be recorded. You’ll get an mp3, so you can re-listen, as many times as you like.

: If you’d like a transcription of our Soul Map™ conversations, we’ve got you covered. It’s $145 for a complete transcript, prepared by a confidentiality-lovin’ assistant.

Just say the word.

: Your Soul Map™ experience includes a navigation chart — an interactive PDF designed to help you organize your thoughts + intentions, and take steps towards developing your business more purposefully. (It’s really useful — you’ll love it.)

Have a fantabulous day … bye for now!

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Your Soul MapperTM


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