After the Map

Once you’ve experienced The Soul Map™, you’ll have a clear understanding of your unique + unrepeatable purpose, your personal gateway to freedom + mastery, and your unique pathway to prosperity.

But even with all that invaluable knowledge, there’s still one big question:

How can you align your personal work with the larger patterns + forces at play?

In other words: how can you amplify your business efforts, by aligning with cyclical powers that are bigger, stronger + millions of years more ancient (and maybe just a titch wiser) than you?

Your next move?

Align your highest work with ‘the spirit of the times’.This monthly map-a-thon reveals how your personal evolution is intrinsically intertwined with the larger shifts, changes + revolutions of your generation.You’ll discover how to time + prime your business efforts, so that everything you do is aligned with overarching celestial forces — for maximum impact + influence.

In addition to your personalized monthly Motion Map™, you’ll also get access to a live monthly community call, where I dish out the low-down on the next celestial cycle.

You’ll also have a just-for-you, password-protected web page where all your recordings, transcripts, recommended resources + notes are held, snug + tight.

Bottom-line: you wouldn’t (intentionally) host a picnic in the middle of a thunderstorm — and you wouldn’t (intentionally) launch a brand-new business initiative in the center of a celestial hurricane.

The Motion Map™ shows you how to work in partnership with ‘cultural weather patterns’, instead of against ‘em — saving you time, energy + sanity (not to mention money).

Motion Map™

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