Beyond the Map

You’ve got your Soul Map™. You may even be groovin’ with your monthly Motion Map™, too. You know your purpose. Heck, it’s driving every decision you make + every evolutionary twist of your business.

But now there’s this…thing. A project. An offering. A historic initiative.

You’re striving to move mountains, with just one person’s strength.
You need help. People to play with. Collaborators you can trust.
And maybe an expert translator-companion, to help you hear + make sense of the next wave of signals + summons that’re spiraling your way.

Talk to me about…

Ongoing mentoring + collaboration.
Customized signal-spotting + support for seasoned entrepreneurs.

For returning clients + seasoned entrepreneurs, I offer intimate monthly coaching + consulting — molded to your schedule + needs.

We can explore:

  • … and investigate + map your quirky (or brand spankin’ new) fascinations as the early building blocks of a new business direction — instead of the misidentified + mislabelled + misjudged ‘blocks’ that most tend to see.
  • Recurring obstacles + soul-inflammations — illuminating the assumptions + habits that stop you from doing the work you feel called to do.
  • Partnership mapping — uncovering what you + a business (or romantic) partner have been put on the planet to accomplish together (or save you a hot mess, altogether).
  • Date mapping — identifying auspicious dates for your business priorities + projects + events + launches.
  • Location mapping — finding ideal geographic locations for prosperous partnerships, tribe-building + niche-finding, live speaking, book tours, brick + mortar business-building and more.

This is high-touch, high-intensity support — designed to help you see the (almost) invisible, create the impossible, invent the unexpected, and step into a bold + bodacious future that does not yet exist.

If ongoing mentoring + collaboration calls to you:

Contact me to explore your options »

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