The Purpose Map

Longing for the insight + wisdom of your Soul Map™, but not quite ready to jump in head (‘n heart) first?

Begin with The Purpose Map™ — a powerful stand-alone exploration, for aspiring (or bootstrapping) entrepreneurs.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur — or very, very new to the world of business — this is not yet the time for hectic creation + big, high-energy launching (though it sure as heck-fire might feel like it is).

Why? Because frankly, m’darling, you’re in a natural cycle of “Who the howdy-do am I?” — just like a caterpillar’s a wee bit confused about who or what it is as it disintegrates + reorganizes its DNA into beauteous butterfly building-blocks. (You just can’t rush Momma Nature.)

This is the time to explore, attune + learn to appreciate the signs, signals + cycles all around you. (And better understand the way you’ve been listening to ’em, your whole life long.)

Massive momentum? Don’t worry — there’ll be plenty of that, soon.

Begin with…

The Purpose Map™

The foundation of everything…

This map reveals precisely how you — and only you — are meant to heal + serve the world, particularly through your work + business.

You might not think of yourself as a Healer, but trust me: you have a very particular flavor of suffering to alleviate — for yourself and for others — in this lifetime. It’s why you’re here. It’s why you’re … You.

The Purpose Map™ identifies + affirms your gifts, talents, skills, innate genius and natural modes of expression — as well as how you’re meant to share them.

The Purpose Map™ experience also includes a navigation chart — an interactive PDF designed to help you organize your thoughts + intentions, and take steps towards developing your business more purposefully.

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