The Soul Map

the soul mapThe one. The only. The original. This game-changing process provides: A revelatory + comprehensive understanding of your life’s purpose, and… Your unique path to freedom, success + prosperity in business. The Soul Map™ is designed for growing + seasoned entrepreneurs — rainmakers, change-agents, thought leaders, messengers, teachers, speakers and spiritual capitalists.The Soul Map™ is about personal clarity + conviction — but not from the sources you’d expect. It’s not about getting a coach’s opinion or a consultant’s top strategy — it’s about mapping out the patterns + signals that are already at play, in your life (and have been, since birth.)As you learn to see, appreciate + understand the logic of your own Soul Map™, you’ll be able to:

  1. Express your purpose more fully through your work.
  2. Select a fresh + powerful direction for your business.
  3. Craft a next-generation, transformational offering or service.

It’s a 3-part process, with 3 cosmic blueprints-in-one. The Soul Map™ includes:

The Purpose Map™

The foundation of everything… This map reveals precisely how you — and only you — are meant to heal + serve the world, particularly through your work + business.

You might not think of yourself as a Healer, but trust me: you have a very particular flavor of suffering to alleviate — for yourself and for others — in this lifetime. A solution only you can bring to life. It’s why you’re here. It’s why you’re … You.

The Purpose Map™ identifies + affirms your gifts, talents, skills, innate genius and natural modes of expression — as well as how you’re meant to share them.

The Freedom Map™

Who do you + only you serve? What sets you apart from everyone in your field? How can you deepen the quality of your work, like no one else? What interferes with your ability to take action + serve as you’re called to? What stops you from trusting + embodying your soul’s purpose?

The Freedom Map™ is about mastery + authority — it’s about illuminating the path to personal fulfillment + professional success that is yours, and yours alone.

The simple truth is that few entrepreneurs find their ‘ticket to freedom’ — their tribe, their niche, their most legendary offering — without getting a grip on this.

The Prosperity Map™

What is your one-of-a-kind path to sustainable prosperity? Most people have no idea. And yet, it’s the golden thread that connects all the dots in business.

There’s a reason you’re marketing-phobic — just as there’s a reason you’ve shied away from launching that product, or raising your rates. There’s a reason for every action (and inaction) in your life — and once you understand the logic behind them, you can leverage your convictions in your favor.

The Prosperity Map™ is a must if you’re ready to capitalize on your uniquely purposeful profit-potential — especially if money-making has been challenging of late, or painful in general.

Your Soul Map™ experience also includes a navigation chart — an interactive PDF designed to help you organize your thoughts + intentions, and take steps towards developing your business more purposefully. Your Soul Map™ is already complete. You just need to learn how to read it — and use it.

Your Soul Map is already complete. You just need to learn how to read it and use it.