How to Soulfully Sell


lissaLissa Boles

“For most of us, the quantum leap we tend to want first in our business is a BIG growth spurt in revenue.

I sure did. I needed to be able to afford to do my life’s work full-time to do it full-time (sound familiar?).

Just one problem.

Deep down, many a purposepreneur fears that being of service & selling our services are fundamentally incompatible activities.

That on the one hand, selling ‘well’ will mean having to ‘sell out’ (which puts the kibosh on quantum leaps on the financial department pretty darned fast, right?).

And on the other hand, we feel that to serve well, we somehow shouldn’t be asking for money…

Which puts us instantly and painfully at odds with our need to care for ourselves & our families, never mind make ‘more’ than we need.


BUT, when you start the sales process by following 7 Simple Steps of Soulful Selling™, this seemingly unresolvable paradox becomes something else entirely.

Something that frees you to make the money you need, the difference you alone can and the momentum your business need so you can afford to do the very thing you came to do.”

an excerpt from How To SoulFully Sell

In this straight-forward, infinitely practical yet inspiring home-study, The Soul Mapper, Lissa Boles, shares the 7 Simple Soulful Selling Steps she’s followed to create five-figure revenue months & beyond.

In This Unique Home-Study Program, You’ll Learn:


The 2 Golden Rules of Soulful Sales

your heart will go ‘ahhh’ just reading these (and your mind will get them too)


The Potency Principle

the difference this makes is off-the-charts big, both for you & those you sell to


The 7 Simple Steps to Soulful Selling™

these are easier than most people make ‘selling’ out to be, really

The Program Comes Complete With:


The Soulfully Sell™ Guide PDF

Simple, straightforward, digestible support that will help you make “selling” more soulful & satisfying than you thought possible at the same time it helps satisfy your business’ financial needs too.
Two birds. No stones.


7 MP3 Audio-Tutorial Deepeners

These digestible audio tutorials

  1. deepen your 7 Steps learning because you can listen to Lissa apply them & share examples too, while
  2. keeping the program nice & portable

Just download all 7 to your mobile device so you can learn or refresh anytime, anywhere.


7 Steps Poster PDF

Print & keep the 7 Steps handy so you can easily touch-in during sales conversations.
Its like having Lissa right next to you, coaching you every step of the way

Just $57