New to ZOOM

If You’ve NEVER Used Zoom Before…

ZOOM’s really smart & the plug-in that makes participation possible auto-downloads, easy peasy, when you go to access LIVE for the first time (please don’t Skype call in using one of the phone numbers – it can result in sound distortions, sound lag & dropped calls).

Having said that, if you’d like to do a manual download in advance and not leave anything to chance, you can here –>

When you arrive, you’ll see a bunch of options.

This is the one you want if you’ll be joining from your lap or desktop…

Zoom client

This is the one you want if you’ll be using a mobile device… (make sure the battery’s fully charged in advance!)

zoom mobile

If you want to test that everything’s working in advance, you can by using this test meeting ( to check all your settings.

There will be someone on hand in LIVE Chat to help out with basic tech questions if you have any.