Purposeful Profitability of Being Wyrd

When Apple founder & CEO Steve Jobs resigned and later died, people around the world – changed by his vision, example and contributions – saluted him.

Quite the stunner given he was booted out of his own company in ’85 for his unproven, ‘non-commercial’ development ideas (all the moola, time + energy he kept pouring into ‘em probably didn’t help matters much).

It’s clear Steve’s unique brand of weird is what made him the respected trailblazing, commercial change agent he became.

And Apple + its products the game-changing standouts they are.

It pays to be the right kind of weird: in fact, your ‘quirks’ are mission critical to purposeful work & prosperity.

But how many of us are as unapologetically okay with being weird – our brand of remarkably distinct – as Jobs was?

The sad truth is in today’s crowded marketplace, people of good heart + great value are getting drowned out.

Their unique message, offers or services too ‘me to’ to get much notice…

In this powerful presentation, fellow weirdo Lissa Boles (aka The Soul Mapper™) will explore the vital role of ‘weirdness’ in today’s life-changing businesses (big or small).

And on our ability to purposefully prosper while changing our world for the better.

Just so happens she knows whereof she speaks, having languished for years as an often under-earning coach & consultant – too unnerved by the imagined consequences of being different to admit her fascination for all things astrology.

It was only after outing her inner weirdo that her message caught fire & the business took off – quadrupling revenue, clients served and subscribers (& that was just the first six months!).

Get your “Why It’s Good ‘n’ Profitable to be WEIRD” Home-Study today.

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