The Soul Map™
The Signature Select Service

The only one of its kind, this game-changing process provides:

– a revelatory and comprehensive understanding of your life’s purpose, and…
– your unique path to freedom, success and prosperity in business.

Specifically designed for emerging or evolving leaders, rainmakers, change agents, thought leaders, messengers, teaching facilitators, purposepreneurs and social or spiritual capitalists, this 3-module process is for you if you’ve a sense of your purpose but are in significant transition in terms of how you:

  1. express your purpose more fully through your work
  2. select a new, more powerful direction for your purposeful business
  3. craft a next-generation, transformational offer or service

The Soul Map™ includes:

The Purpose Map™
The foundation of everything…

This map reveals exactly how you, in the most unique way, are meant to be of benefit, particularly through work and business: your gifts, talents, skills, innate genius and natural modes of expression – as well as the evolving ways you meant to contribute through them while growing personally and profitably.

The Freedom Map™
Who do you and only you serve?

What actually differentiates you from everyone in your field? How are you uniquely capable of innovative up-leveling your offers and your business? And what interferes with your ability to take action and serve as you’re called to? What stops you from trusting and embodying your unique sense of things in life and business?

This map reveals the answers to these questions and much more, including the vital connection between personal evolution and our niche. The simple truth is that few find their ‘ticket to freedom’, their tribe, personal or professional fulfillment, or sustainable success without this one.

The Prosperity Map™
Do you know your unique-to-you path to sustainable prosperity?

Most have no idea.Yet, it’s the golden thread that connects all the dots in business. Too many purposepreneurs work way too hard applying the wrong things for them because they lack this information. This map’s a must if you’re to capitalize on your uniquely purposeful profit-potential, especially if money-making has been challenging of late, or painful in general.


3-pay x $450

Longing for the insight and wisdom of your Soul MapTM but not quite ready to jump in all the way?

Get started with the…

The Purpose Map™
The Starter Service for the Aspiring or Start-Up Entrepreneur

The foundation of everything, this map reveals exactly how you alone are meant to be of benefit through work and business: your gifts, talents, innate genius’ and built-in best practices, as well as the evolving ways you meant to contribute through them while growing personally and profitably


If at any point during your Purpose Map you realize you’re ready to dive deeper, you can add the Freedom and Prosperity Maps for $995

Many a client has:

  • Learned or discovered their life’s purpose, ending months or years of momentum-stifling self-doubt, uncertainty and confusion
  • Finally connected all the dots between interests, talents, passions and profitability, bringing ALL of who they are into their work or business
  • Realized how off-track they’d previously been, and felt a huge relief in finally knowing their path and how to course correct as quickly as possible
  • Found the perfect words to express, heart to heart, what they do to the people they do it for
  • Successfully started fulfilling new businesses,or launched exciting new ventures, programs, products or services
  • Devised marketing plans they’re finally able to execute with heart, pride and far less effort
  • Course-corrected their work based on a deep knowing and vast relief so they serve more people and make more meaningful money more easily and sustainably
  • Expressed their authentic selves through books, poetry, music, award winning blogs, attention-grabbing manifestos and bench-mark-setting business platforms
  • Attracted awards and contracts, secured publishing deals, appeared on television and radio
  • Found the love of their lives, their ideal business partner, the best business model, the perfect place to live or way to work, even become location independent
  • Exited empty relationships & dead-end situations to create happier, healthier, truer-to-the-call-of-their-heart lives

To hear more from Soul Map clients themselves,
visit the Soul Map Stories page.

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