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“Deep down, many a purpose-preneur fears that being of service & selling their services are fundamentally incompatible activities.

That on the one hand, selling well will mean (somewhere down the line) they’ll have to sell out – which puts the kybosh on Quantum Leaps in the financial department pretty darn fast.

And on the other hand, that to serve well we shouldn’t be asking for money – putting us instantly and painfully at odds with our need to care for ourselves & our families, never mind make ‘more than we need’.

Can you say OY!?”

excerpt from How To SOULFULLY SELL©
by Lissa Boles

About 6 months into The Soul Map’s life as a business, I had a revelatory experience that changed forever how I ‘sell’.

In the blink of an eye, selling became something else – something entirely unexpected & deeply mind & heart relieving, at the same time it became consistently & predictably reliable…

In fact, provided the work was right for someone, a sale was always the result. And my revenue’s grown from $1500/month to $10,000+/month without a hint of soul-strain or ick.

If you’d like to learn the 7 Simple Steps to Soulful Sales I’ve used ever since (and get the companion 7-Steps Poster to paste near your phone or computer) please grab your instant free download of this 10-page Home Study Tutorial (regularly $49) now.


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