A Fix is a Fix is a Fix, Right?

How a certain kind of faith may be keeping you all kinds of stuck in your business.

In almost every culture in the modern world, there’s an equivalent phrase for, ‘Quick Fix’.

Arguably because our faith in the fast-fix “10,000 Fans in 10 Days” or “6-Figures in 60 Days” promise runs pretty darned deep world-wide.

Sadly, our belief in its all-encompassing power is largely unfounded, says best-selling author Carl Honore.

“Every quick fix whispers the same seductive promise of maximum return for minimum effort. But that equation seldom adds up… The inconvenient truth is that quick fixes rarely fix anything at all. And sometimes they just make things worse.”

“When circumstances demand a quick fix, by all means deliver a quick fix, but never let it stand untested. Come back later, when time permits, to forge a more lasting solution.” 

In other words, even at the best of times (never mind these uncertain, fluxy & fast-paced times of ours!), our own uncertainty & doubt buddy-up with ye old belief in the quick fix and we kinda seduce ourselves into doing stuff that takes us off-course.

To large or small degree…

And that keeps too many of us buying (and selling) expired promises while running to catch-up (or keep up) with folks who themselves are running to catch-up (or keep up).

Which is why the promise of quick fix has remained a mainstay in business promotion & advertising: it’s pretty darned easy to sell.

And yet every purposepreneur I know of eventually comes to one universal conclusion – mainstays, expired promises & all-encompassing easy-to-sell fantasies are not the domain of the no-more-business-as-usual crowd.

They just keep us building businesses that do more of what’s already been done, and that don’t fix a darned thing for anybody.

Fast or slow.

Nope. The successfully purposepreneurial step right off that merry-go-round, shake off the one-size-fits-all belief in short-cuts, and devote themselves to creating original solutions that people they respect will love & gladly pay for.

In a way, they devote themselves to being a Slow Fix (with a few situationally appropriate fast-response solutions on hand when needed).

Slow may just be the new ‘sexy’, ya’ll. 

4 thoughts on “A Fix is a Fix is a Fix, Right?

  1. Wow! Yes. Thank you for this. I’ve been learning the power of going slow! In fact I realized I’ve really been doing magic full-time the last few months. It may not look like much, but it is aligning me very deeply with the work I’m here to do, as well as helping me develop the strength and support structures to do my work. And my work is based on… guess what! Going slow, and getting deep.

  2. This window into SLOW helps me make sense of the hot mess I’ve talked myself into in the last several months. In the midst of a push to expand my very small business – I stopped. Well it took me a while to grind down, but basically my body stopped me. What I understand now is that my impeccably brilliant body knew what it was doing but my egomind completely freaked out (because we are here to DO, don’t ya know). I’ve had this nasty mental smack down going on for ages. Not pleasant. In the last few days I’ve finally realized that I’m not going to get back into DO until I’ve figured out what the real message is … Interesting that I should start writing again as soon as I had this aha, and that in the writing, my answer popped up. A small and important shift into greater honesty and a truer understanding of why I’m here and how I can do what I’m here to do. Slowly settling into the moment …

  3. I so hear ya on this on Lissa. I’m on a slow bubble and it feels much more sustainable.

    I’ll be waving over the simulcast this year Lissa! You’re gonna rock it with your talk I’m sure on Saturday. I’ll be watching and sending you big love!


    • You’re so right, Louise: sustainability (of all kinds) is the happy child of The Slow Fix.

      P.S. I’ll be waving love right on back!

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