Are You An Innie or An Outie?

Are You An Innie or An Outie?
A short cut that’ll put you closer to your ‘Great Work’ sweet spot faster

True: every purposepreneur I’ve ever met wants to:

a) do their life’s best, original work while
b) making the difference they’re meant to, and
c) all the money they need to while
d) changing business itself.

True: knowing what makes THAT possible for us is as important (and often more important) as knowing whatever we may need to know about business

True: few of us know what THAT is.

Which is kind of’ve a big problem since it is, in large part, the source of our originality & ‘Great Work’

Not to mention, sustainable success.


Want a simple short cut that could help you put yourself in your own ‘Great Work’ sweet spot faster?

Listen closely to the mavericks & pioneers who’ve gone before you (and maybe not by that much), specifically to the piece or pieces of self-recognition that put them there faster.

And try them on for size….

Not by copying what they’ve done.

Which is stale & old and not possible anyway no matter what we think cause their essences has it’s fingerprints all over it.

But by soaking up the wisdom they’ve gained.

And leveraging it for yourself.

In today’s episode of SMTV, we’ll look at what frequent TED Talk speaker & CD Baby Found Derek Sivers years-long experiment taught him about what THAT is for him.

Psst… You have watched SMTV’s What Kinda Messenger Are You, right?

If you don’t know what THAT is for you – but’re starting to get it’s a BIG need-to-know – consider putting yourself in The Calling CycleÔ starting February 20th.

Got somethin’ extra special up my Soul Mappin’ sleeve for ya…

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