Don’t Just Do Something: Stand There

Don’t Just Do Something: Stand There
If you knew that one fundamental (but very counter-intuitive) belief was messing with your success & prosperity potential, what would you do?

Ever wonder why Oprah or Seth Godin or Richard Branson (or…… extraordinary purposepreneur of your choice) are able to do as much as they do with the same 24-hours we all have?

Without missing much of a beat?


And when I tell you what I’ve learned about what Soul Map Alum & sistafriend Marie Guthrie calls Quantum Results, you’re gonna argue with me.

I’ve been watching this one shift work what some might call miracles in the lives and businesses of others.

And I’ve been living it the last few years myself, giving me a healthy store of experiential evidence (otherwise I’d still be arguing with me!).

Why?  Cause honey, we’ve been brainwashin’ our fine selves. Well and truly.

And when you hear what I’m about to say next, you’re likely gonna feel the effects of it big time…

What’s more, I promise you it’s having detrimental affect on your short & long-term purposeful success & prosperity potential right now (and always will unless you take a good long look at it and shift it up & out).


Action is not the results catalyst we think it is. Not even close.

Wanna know what is? The state from which you act.

That’s where all the torque & leverage is. And where all the ‘magic’ comes from.

Feel the recoil in your brain? An argument already brewing?

I getcha. I practice this one and I still argue with sometimes, tho not nearly as often.
Here’s the thing: if you’re a purposepreneur, you KNOW that who you are matters as much – if not more than – what you do.

The state you come from MAKES what you do matter.


Touching & moving others even as it touches & moves you.

State gives weight to action. Gravitas. Potency. Power. Presence.

State eliminates unnecessary action. Calms panic. Results in cool-headedness. Clarity. Intentional living & business-doing that changes pretty much everything.

Remember Seth Godin’s book, The Dip? State tells you when you’ve hit a dip worth quitting, and when to keep on keepin’ on.

AND state’s what’s largely responsible for the lion’s share of the results you want in your life & business.

Argue all you like. Sad truth is many will, and it’s an argument you don’t want to win.

In fact, your success, impact, thought leadership and bank account depend on you not winning this one.

So throw in the towel now and you’ll find yourself getting further ahead than you likely think possible.

wink wink nudge nudge

2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Do Something: Stand There

  1. I love this…it couldn’t have been more timely.

    A good friend of mine just did a big event in our area on Half the Sky – the book on women who have been oppressed, or abused in some way and those that help them to turn oppression of the deepest most horrific kind into resilience and the seeds of hope and purpose.

    My friend was seen in a new and big way within the community the night she launched this big event. It was like a huge stepping out party for her into her purpose and I was so excited for her.

    It raised some questions for me….what was it in her experience that I was yearning for…hungering for…. I knew I wanted to be seen in the way she was being seen – as a purpose -preneur with heart……and I even asked myself the question about being “local” I thought she is now going to be launched in our community and seen and be a “local”change maker and how exciting that is for her, our community, and in being seen and held by others.

    Part of me yearned for this and when I examine it more fully, what I yearn for is the being seen part………..but not so much the local part for me……although there is a part of me that sees the beauty of it. for myself. However, I had a job for 6 years – not in my purpose – but where I had a very public role and I knew almost every parent of children ages 3-15 who cared deeply about education.

    During that time a cousin came to see me and she was struck by how on my day off at a local parade so many people knew me and came up to talk with me. She asked me how that was for me.

    The answer if I’m totally honest is that it was exhausting. I felt I couldn’t move from one place to another without meeting people that knew me and I felt obliged to speak with them and found it hard to get things done with so much socializing required of me out in public. …and I found myself being wiped out all the time…and feeling I had to maintain a public image locally and couldn’t just run out for milk half put together cause I was sure to run into lots of people.

    Thank you Lissa for helping me to hone in on this question and think feel about it at a deeper level, especially in terms of which way I’m wired. I was circling this question and now I have a clearer idea of how to approach it. …and also how not to make myself wrong for needing to be one way or another. To see it clearly as what environment will I grow or blossom in better….and where to plant myself to be most whole and effective.

    Love how your work is always at the perfect time for me!! Also loved the George Carlin piece. Thank you, thank you! Maggie

    • Love that story, Maggie! Kudo’s to you for letting your life speak to you so clearly so the work you do – and the business you build – doesn’t do a number on YOU! We want & need you whole, happy AND effective too!

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