The Wacky Truth About Purposeful Marketing

The Wacky Truth About Purposeful Marketing
any kind of good marketing, really

On a dare 3 years ago, I ‘outed’ my astrology-loving self & went public with the fact that I do this kooky but jaw-drop-ing-ly accurate thing called Soul Mapping.

Know how I found the nerve to make the (gulp) leap?

T’was a happy ‘accident,’ or that thing many like to call synchronicity, dependin’ on how you look at it…

When the ‘darer’ (a dear friend & coaching client I’d reluctantly outed the astrology thing to, on the off-chance it might help) told me how life-changingly clarifying & valuable the experience was for her, it literally stopped me in my tracks.

For the first time, I really heard the value in the process, and stopped hearing the “people’ll think I’m loony toons” litany that’d been ricocheting round my brain.

And started to get the deeper truth about marketing.

Within my client’s needs & wants had been a call. And in my offer to map, a response.

Think about that for just a second: marketing’s really a call & a response.

A need needs filling. A purpose needs fulfilling. And marketing? It exists to facilitate the Yin/Yang connection so both sides of the calling equation are served.

Are there things we need to learn about the ‘how to’s’?

YES BUT, if you don’t get the real listening down first, you’ll likely find you’re talking to yourself more than anybody else.

UPDATE:  fast-forward a year or two, and its likely you’ll hear a new call comin’ thru.

People evolve. Needs change.

And that means the way you’ll be called to respond’ll have to evolve & change too. It’s part of the cycle.

About a year ago, I started hearing a new call start comin’ thru from YOU – and this first episode of Soul Map TV is part of a new kind of response.

Let the conversation continue!

One thought on “The Wacky Truth About Purposeful Marketing

  1. Wow, thank you so much, Lissa. I’ve been putting lots of effort into trying to serve more people with my business and it keeps feeling off-track. And I keep thinking that I need to go back and re-learn the business principles I’ve been taught again. It’s so refreshing to find your website and affirm that it’s actually time for me to find my own voice. I hope to be getting “mapped” by you soon this year. Thank you for starting these videos!

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