Get Your Groove Back

(in 3 Minutes or Less)

Ever have something royally throw you off your groove & mess with your mind no matter what you try?

Yup. Me too.

Hard to do your best work or make the most purposeful business decisions, much less innovate on course, right?

Which is exactly what one of my clients found a few months back when an outta-da-blue personal curveball really threw her – at a time when a particularly crucial decision needed to be made.

A decision a dozen others hinged on…

Despite her own considerable bag of back-to-center tools, and a handful of conversations with her personal support-squad, she was no closer to gettin’ her groove back than when she first lost it.

Which is why when we spoke, this stunningly simple but ridiculously effective exercise fit the bill: nothing I know of helps get groove back faster or easier.

By the time she’d run through this 3-minute exercise, my client not only felt anchored again, she knew exactly what her decision was (watch today’s webisode to hear what happened then).

Given one of THE most valuable purpose-preneurial capacities today is the ability to be on groove, come what may (or risk working at cross-purpose, despite best intention), practices & exercises like this are worth their weight in gold.

Especially when a new calling’s come a knockin’ and the do-things-differently/uncertainty factor’s higher than usual…

Webisode Challenge:

If you’re facing a crucial choice & you’re feeling off groove, give this a try – and then let us know in the comments below what next step or course of action becomes clear.

Keep calm & groove on, ya’ll.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Groove Back

(in 3 Minutes or Less)

  1. Wow, this is really powerful! Thanks, Lissa, for providing another tool for times when I loose my groove and the fear comes marching in making it even harder to discern any answers. I also used this for that anxiety that comes up with a situation where the outcome is unknown and my body gets tight and solar plexus feels squeezed. What a relief!

  2. I love that you use this exercise! I use something very similar in doing somatoemotional work and the results are amazing–putting the power back in the hands of my clients allows them to see opportunities and possibilities that were clouded. Many times, the item ends up on God’s Big Desk, and she takes it and puts it in a drawer–fortunately, it’s a giant drawer and can hold an endless supply of items!

  3. Lissa,
    Thank you for the work you’re doing. I cannot believe the relief and positive result I got just from your three minute session on “Get Your Groove Back” Amazing! Folks, give this a try… It really works.
    Thank You again Lissa.

    • Shocking what just 3 simple minutes & a stellar practice can do, huh?

      Thanks for giving it a go, Debbie. And for sharing.

      Groove on!

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