How To Know Which Way To Go

in 5 minutes or less

Ever had yourself a moment when freedom of choice felt like a big freakin’ burden?

When having more (good!) options felt confusing – even overwhelming – instead of more liberating?

And nothin’ in your ample bag of which-way-do-I-go tools worked for you?

Lawdie, lawdie – me too.

Not exactly what you wanna be feeling in your business when a couple of key decisions are up on deck & people are countin’ on you…

Working with many a brave, bold purposepreneurs these last three years, I’ve learned that this overwhelm thing tends to happen MORE frequently for us than for (almost) everybody else.


Took me a while to see it, but it boils down to two big things:

#1 New options & choices is kind of our playground. As change-agents, rule-benders & thought leaders, you & I are forging the future by creating fresh, new options while using a whole bunch of relatively new options to do it. Simply said, we intentionally expose ourselves to – and engage with – way more choices & options than most people because of who we are & what we’re called to do.

All good n purposeful – and then we bump into #2…

#2 The way we’re accustomed to figuring out which way to go isn’t workin’ s’well these days. At the risk of sounding like a broken record (or a corrupt digital file?), a lot of the old ways of doing things are either broken or no longer apply. Tis why we’re trail-blazers in biz, right? But we’re still figuring out how to replace those old ways, and the in-between thing can be both frustrating & disorienting.

But there’s a crazy-simple solution that regularly takes my breath away & routinely makes folks laugh in surprise – and is the feature of this week’s Soul Map TV.

What do you do to help yourself know which way to go?

And what has not having a reliable new tool in your back-pocket messed with in your business?

Episode Challenge:

try this the next time you need to know which way to go, and follow your own lead. Seriously…

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13 thoughts on “How To Know Which Way To Go

in 5 minutes or less

  1. This is definitely going into my repertoire of processes. There is no way to fudge on the results here – we have to listen to what our body is telling us. And this is way easier trying to do muscle testing on myself.

    Certainly a process I will pass on to help others.

    Thanks, Lissa, you are always an inspiration.

  2. Lis-saaaaaaaa! CONGRATS on SoulMap TV!!!! You are the
    BOMB!!!! This exercise is GREAT and I will use it for the
    rest of my LIFE!

    T’ANK YA!
    – Hil

  3. How wonderful!

    The choice I was saying I should make was not the one with the nice clear energy! This was fascinating and I will use it again!

    I assume I must be clear in my intention when doing this ie: asking what I would rather do is different than asking what is for my highest and best…

    Another thought…is the heavier energy I feel from one choice simply an indication that I have something to clear/blocks around that possibility?

    Is my mind just too active?!!! I love understanding how things work…

    Thanks Lissa

    • That’s great, Stede. Quickly clarifying’s what this baby’s all about!

      In terms of ‘the heavier energy’, I’d just go with nice n clear – and let your mind know your wisdom’s got this & it can take a well-deserved break.

  4. Just now seeing this, Lissa, and LOVE this reminder to go back to a practice I used in a different context years ago!

    I also love your powerful ‘repeatable’ “Your life’s always talking to you. You just may not be fluent in your own life’s mother-tongue!” That’s why in my book, deepening our relationship with ourselves is ALWAYS the place to start.

    Thanks! Maralyn

  5. Yes, I will try that exercise but it does help to know that you are the voice that is always talking to you, you are the one that is in charge of your destiny and the voice inside you are always checking and guiding your path.

  6. We did this powerful exercise togther with the Sacred Codes work. Never thought about doing it for other decisions/choices Tried it out today on which of 2 events to attend that are on the same weekend. I already had a strong guidance as to which one. It was confirmed in the blind test. Thanks for a new calibration tool! Marie

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