How To Get Back On Track

in 7 minutes or less

Let’s face it: stuff happens.

And sometimes, it knocks us off track.

And we find it hard to get our I-think-I-can back (is Dr. Suess here?).

Seriously, few things cramp the creative juices, put the kybosh on confidence, or make us more vulnerable to course-contortion faster than the anxiety, worry & fear.

Despite our best intentions, le trio terrible often tie up critical resources & ‘get the better of us.’

Turns out it’s the old cliché’s not just a nifty sayin’.
But what to do?

In this episode of Soul Map TV, I share a simple practice that puts those puppies ‘in their place’ – so you can free up & re-direct your entrepreneurial juju – in a surprising, and surprisingly, effective way.

And get back on track in 7 minutes or less…

4 thoughts on “How To Get Back On Track

in 7 minutes or less

  1. Lovely Lissa ~
    I am Dee-lighted with how all these “Tips and Tidbits” start from the incredibly powerful / empowering place of “We can each move Our OWN stuff around — “!
    They don’t depend on some kind of ‘outside actor’ to ‘suck that bad energy (or memories or whatever) out’. If I want my talisman to be ‘magnetic’ I can make it so. If I don’t need that boost, I don’t have to.

    Today’s particularly, is an end-around the ego-need to “hold on to our worries” ~ I don’t have to “throw it away” (been trying to do *that* for years!) – just “put it down for awhile”. Marvelous! Wonderful! WOW!
    Thank you.

    • Love hearing ’bout your experience Karen. Poor old ego gets such a bad rap – and no respect at all. And that means the service it’s provided us for years gets lost in the shuffle.

      But give it reason to trust new practices will do for us what it’s worked hard to do for so long, and instead of a tug o war within whatcha get is enlightened partnership – and a whole lot more peace & clarity!

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