Is “IT” Really Working For You (& the folks you hope to help too)?

Is “IT” Really Working For You (& the folks you hope to help too)?
Finding ‘the sweet spot’ between what works for you & your business as well as your people is key – and that key’s not necessarily where you’d expect to look.

Purposepreneurs are among the most inspired – and inspiring – people around.

And most of us tend to include in our business (its name, it’s look, etc) things that help us stay in touch with our inspiration.

Sadly, that doesn’t always work for us the way we hope it will. In fact, sometimes, it doesn’t work for us at all.

Why? Well, we got to step back a bit to find the answer…

When your business is an expression of you & your purpose, four big things are true:

1. What you’re compelled to build & offer is one-of-a-kind (after all: there’ll only ever be one of you).

2. The rules of innovation always apply (if you’re the one & only, you can’t help but innovate, right?)

3. Finding the sweet spot between what’s purposeful for you & what works for your people is K E Y.

4. When your work is an intimate expression of or extension of you, it’s freakin’ hard not to take (& make) things personally.

Its those last two that tend to be the trouble-makers.

See, what inspires us, is deeply meaningful, uber-obvious & clear to us?

It may stump & confuse the daylights out the people we hope to connect with & serve.

And if they’re confused, guess what they’re not going to feel ready to do?

Here’s the thing: much of what we’ve got in our bones about what’s meaningful is pre-verbal, and gets a little lost in translation at first. It just seems to dang obvious…

Clear communication about things that are new or just plain challenging to explain takes time. And usually a couple (or more) tries.

And it takes (wait for it)…


It’s in getting and sifting through feedback we find the key to that all-important sweet spot.

And in order to take in & really hear the gold in feedback, we have to take what might feel personal impersonally – something the sages & mystics, old and new, call ‘detachment’.

Ahem, you have heard me say before that purposepreneurship is the new spiritual practice, right…?

Today’s episode of Soul Map TV’s a good example.

Shortly after the show launched, a number of folks wrote saying they LOVED the Tabletop Gang and, in particular, Animal (what’s not to love, I ask you?).

But another group wrote & messaged to let me know they found it cute but a genuine distraction that made watching the videos & retaining the information kinda difficult.

NOT what we were going for…

And while I love having The Gang there for all kinds of reason, if its working at cross-purposes to the show’s primary aim, The Gang’s got to go.

So, like many a responsive purposepreneur, we’re experimenting again – and asking for feedback – to see if that makes viewing & digesting easier for more of the folks we’re hoping to help.

Cause at the end of the day, that’s what it’s most about, no?

Episode Challenge: ask for, or act on, some feedback and let the folks you hope to help help you find your way to your business sweet spot.

2 thoughts on “Is “IT” Really Working For You (& the folks you hope to help too)?

  1. Oh Mistress of Context – lovelovelove the way you honor the learning/absorbing process by taking the time to create relevance. And – as much as I enjoyed the tabletop gang, both the spirit and the whimsy, I noticed that when Animal made his appearance in this episode, that is where my attention went. He made me smile, but I also missed part of what you said.

    XOXO Lyn

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