Learning How To ‘Make It’

How to find the spark that produces a one-of-a-kind purposeful business and its unique products and services

Ever wonder why Oprah or Seth Godin or Richard Branson (or…… extraordinary purposepreneur of your choice) are able to do as much as they do with the same 24-hours we all have?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is, ‘How do I start to translate my purpose into a product (service, offer, business platform, etc.)?”

If you’ve been searching for an answer to that very question (only to find a whole whack of one-size-fits-all, formulas & and little else), the two-part answer to the question in today’s episode of Soul Map TV’ll probably make a new kind of ‘ah ha!’ sense to you.

And then become something you’ll likely try to find a how-can-I-make-this-go-faster work-around for (which is a BIG part of the reason why the short-cut promise of cookie-cutter formula’s are so darned tempting).

But I digress…

This simple process is at the heart of every (and I do mean every) purposeful business.

And every innovation that business creates.

Without exception.

Take Eric Klein of WisdomHeart.org for example….

I’m a die-hard fan of his doodles, and of Eric himself. After he joined me in last year’s Jupiter Midas Effect Video Conference, we kept in touch, talking every 6 weeks or so ever since.

Last fall, Eric started to feel something new bubbling up.

Related to, but different from, his existing work.

It was frustratingly nebulous & confusingly unclear at times, but it was definitely there. No mistake about it.

How did he know? Cause it simply wouldn’t go away (big clue, ya’ll).

And cause it made his heart sing – stirring his curiosity while calling on other loves, talents and strengths, as well as his living experience & purposeful Code.

So what did he do to help himself make sense of it all?

And, once there was some sense to it, how’d then he try his hand at translating it into something “right on” the proverbial money?

Watch this case-study episode of SMTV to learn more – including two parts of the pivotal (but counter-intuitive) 4-part purposeful innovation process Eric’s example highlights so well.

When you’re done, type into the comments the 2 things he did – and what helped him do those things – and lets unpack all the goodness in this case study together.

P.S. Despite the fact you may find yourself nodding vigorously in agreement with what you learn is behind all this, living it feels REALLY counter-intuitively kooky (or a whole lot more of used be doing it, no?). The temptation to blow it off (as I have) or try to by-pass it (as many do, including me) will be high. If you give in to it, the frustration you’re hoping to short cut or outright avoid? Gonna get a whole lot bigger at the same time self-trust takes an altogether avoidable & unnecessary nose-dive. #justsaying

P.S. to the P.S. If you want to lean in & learn the potent 4-part process behind every purposefully successful business – and the innovative way products & services are created – check out The Calling Cycle. It’s a potent, 6-week experiential program unlike any other (no cookie cutters here!) that’ll help you finally set your innovative genius free.

2 thoughts on “Learning How To ‘Make It’

  1. This window into SLOW helps me make sense of the hot mess I’ve talked myself into in the last several months. In the midst of a push to expand my very small business – I stopped. Well it took me a while to grind down, but basically my body stopped me. What I understand now is that my impeccably brilliant body knew what it was doing but my egomind completely freaked out (because we are here to DO, don’t ya know). I’ve had this nasty mental smack down going on for ages. Not pleasant. In the last few days I’ve finally realized that I’m not going to get back into DO until I’ve figured out what the real message is … Interesting that I should start writing again as soon as I had this aha, and that in the writing, my answer popped up. A small and important shift into greater honesty and a truer understanding of why I’m here and how I can do what I’m here to do. Slowly settling into the moment …

  2. Wow! Yes. Thank you for this. I’ve been learning the power of going slow! In fact I realized I’ve really been doing magic full-time the last few months. It may not look like much, but it is aligning me very deeply with the work I’m here to do, as well as helping me develop the strength and support structures to do my work. And my work is based on… guess what! Going slow, and getting deep.

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