How To Get Back On Track

in 7 minutes or less

Let’s face it: stuff happens.

And sometimes, it knocks us off track.

And we find it hard to get our I-think-I-can back (is Dr. Suess here?).

Seriously, few things cramp the creative juices, put the kybosh on confidence, or make us more vulnerable to course-contortion faster than the anxiety, worry & fear.

Despite our best intentions, le trio terribleoften tie up critical resources & ‘get the better of us.’

Turns out it’s the old cliché’s not just a nifty sayin’.

Who’s A Part Of Your Tabletop Gang

What’re Your Fave 5?

What’re Your Fave 5?


Stumps pretty much everyone these days – even the experts – cause things, they are a’changing & the old rules don’t work so well anymore.

And when you add ‘purpose’ to the mix, OY!

But did you know that just like buried treasure, encoded into your everyday loves & preferences are big fat clues to your purposeful brand?

9 years of talking & working with hundreds of purposeful business people has shown me that the successfully purposeful tend to take a pretty unique approach to business & branding. ...

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How To Know Which Way To Go

in 5 minutes or less

Ever had yourself a moment when freedom of choice felt like a big freakin’ burden?

When having more (good!) options felt confusing – even overwhelming – instead of more liberating?

And nothin’ in your ample bag of which-way-do-I-go tools worked for you?

Lawdie, lawdie – me too.

Get Your Groove Back

(in 3 Minutes or Less)

Ever have something royally throw you off your groove & mess with your mind no matter what you try?

Yup. Me too.

Hard to do your best work or make the most purposeful business decisions, much less innovate on course, right?