What Kinda Messenger Are You?

What Kinda Messenger Are You?
Why knowing what kind of stories fascinate you helps you become a better marketer, business owner & service provider.

I ran across an interview with Soledad O’Brien a while back that stopped me in my tracks.

In it, she said something so on-the-mark for purposepreneurs – no matter whether they’re aspiring, growing or seasoned biz people – my ‘pay close attention’ alert went on full.

Here’s why…

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Most purposepreneurs struggle to find a way to tell the story of their work, service or products in a way that helps their people do three progressive things:

  1. connect with them as people & providers because their storytelling conveys who they are, what they stand for & how they stand for it
  2. connect with the meaning, value & life-changing benefit in the product or serve so that, when the time’s right, they become clients or customers
  3. connect with the ‘mission’ behind the product or service so they become advocates or ambassadors of the work too, sharing word about it & sometimes even standing for it with them

(anyone else notice a common denominator in there?)

And whether we like it or not, this makes every purposepreneur a messenger.

The good news is I’ve never met a purposepreneur who didn’t feel compelled to get ‘the story’ out. But getting the story out may not come easily for a couple of reasons (more on those in an upcoming episode)…

The not s’good news is there are few places to turn for help that’re ‘what kind of messenger are you & what human story do you stand for’ focused.

Most kinds of help are still one (or both) feet in the ‘how do we sell this thing as fast as humanly possible so we can get big results now’ camp (which, to be fair, is what we tell them we want), which alters the approach so drastically to something so core to purposepreneurial success that the story’s only partially seen, partially understood, partially told.

If at all.

And what’s worse is the founder or owner is seldom, if ever, helped to understand – much less get in their bones – what kind of messenger they are and the potent, powerful story they’re here to stand for.

And their efforts to build a business that changes things for good falter…


Getting to the sale is the primary objective of old marketing.

Genuinely connecting so we can serve our resonant people is the objective of new marketing.

And that makes messengers of us all.

Which is why the Soledad O’Brien interview was such a wow…

In it she describes what it was that told her, ‘what kind of reporter I am.’

How that helped her see where and why and how her best work happens.

What kinds of human stories fascinate, inspire and draw her in – compelling her to be their ambassador, to learn how to tell them well and represent what they mean in the world.

All things critical to purposepreneurial success.

Join me for this episode of SMTV (which double duties as a ‘How to be the messenger you are’ tutorial of sorts) and we’ll explore O’Brien’s experience and tease apart the questions you can ask yourself so you can better understand the story you’re here to stand for & tell.

Download the “What Kind Am I? Guide” here!

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