What’re Your Fave 5?

What’re Your Fave 5?


Stumps pretty much everyone these days – even the experts – cause things, they are a’changing & the old rules don’t work so well anymore.

And when you add ‘purpose’ to the mix, OY!

But did you know that just like buried treasure, encoded into your everyday loves & preferences are big fat clues to your purposeful brand?

9 years of talking & working with hundreds of purposeful business people has shown me that the successfully purposeful tend to take a pretty unique approach to business & branding.

Following an inner mandate (more on that in a sec) that’s both unique to them & universal to purpose itself, the purposeful tend to leave a trail of business-breadcrumbs that tell the story of how they create businesses imbued with meaning & purpose…

See, they tend to build or innovate what they themselves would love – or would’ve loved if it had been around when they first needed it themselves….

They tend to provide experiences they themselves would love to experience.

Products they themselves want to have.

Serve in ways they’d like to be served.

Stand for what they deeply cherish & really want (or even need) to see stood for in the world.

It’s not about the geographic, demographic or psychographics to them, though when you look closely, those things are still there & woven in. They just aren’t where purposeful branding tends to begin…

For them, it begins with a different kind of ‘start with the end in mind.’

An ‘end’ that’s much more about the client or customer (maybe even the world at large) than about them, tho it comes from them as the business creator…

And from that inner mandate I talked about a second ago.

See, within our choices, preferences & attractions (as well as our repulsions – more on that in another episode) are very clear markers of the kind of branding guidelines we instinctively & authentically feel called to use to direct ourselves and build a true-to-purpose business.

This inner mandate is what guides us to create what we love & naturally want to share with others – and within that is the foundational architecture of the kind of business only we can create.

Know where to look for these markers and you’ll more effectively begin a unique process I call Brand Mapping™(and from there, Business Mapping™).

Follow your Brand Map™ and you can’t help but lay in place the cornerstones of a business based on your purpose and your loves.

Thanks to Soul Map’s Co-Conspirator (& Alumni), Linda Jones, host of The Purposeful Wealth Intensive, I’ve got a SHAZAM beginner’s exercise for you called What’s Your Fave 5?

And it comes complete with this meaty Holiday Giveaway Guide!

Download your copy of the Guide & watch this week’s edition of Soul Map™ TV (which serves as a basics tutorial – yay!) and kick off your 2013 with a little Brand Mapping™ on me.

P.S. If you look carefully, you’ll find a couple of my Fave 5’s within the pages of this web site!! Be one of the first three people to post your (accurate) find below, and you’ll win 1 of 3 FREE copies of The Purposeful Profitability of Being Wyrd (regularly $79)!

Happy Holidays!

14 thoughts on “What’re Your Fave 5?

  1. Lissa I love this video. It was very helpful. There was a bit I knew about what I liked or wanted to do with my business but there were these little important details I figured out as I went through the whole process. Now it’s just about having the courage to institute the changes that I know I need to make to have my service offering be the high-end luxury I want to make it.


  2. Dear Lissa,
    What you’re doing is very refreshing! Thanks for the modeling that you present, for overcoming your fears to be more visible…i’m happy to have experienced your website…
    I’m also very frustrated that someone putting out what you do , who gave me some temporary hope that one person had overcome the wierd ‘slick marketing hypnosis’ and retained some major warmth and authenticity …has no contact info—email address or phone number…comments here is the only way to reach you…
    Are you really meaning to say that the only way to reach you is to buy a product first? You don’t even say on your sales page how much time we get to speak with you about our chart…..this aspect of what you put out was very disappointing to me and a big turn off….when i can’t contact you first to ask a few questions about a $450 or 1250.00 product I kinda get the message that perhaps you see me as a cash thing first vs. what you say about peeps at the end of your videos….’made by the great arstisan’
    Hoping you’ll take care of this soon so all your goodness shines brighter.

    See you again when I get my groove back on about your website ..whenever that will be. Wishing you good luck and better ways to keep contact going in ways that support your need for distance and allow folks to ask a few questions without making a post like this as the last resort.

    MAY this year be your best ever! Despite my disappointment and getting triggered by what I saw as inconsistencies….I thank you for showing me inadvertantly just how impeccable I want to be when I launch anything on the internet….we’re all a work in progress.

    • Hey Christine,

      Thanks for the kinds words and your best wishes. I’m glad to hear you found value for you here: that’s what its all about!

      Sorry to hear you found connecting difficult cause there’s a whole whack of ways – ready?

      1. At the bottom right of every page (except the home page), there’s a selection of icons that include E-mail, Facebook (I’m there a lot), Twitter and more. Once quick click and you’ve got me about six-ways from Sunday!

      2. On this page you’ll find a Contact Form so you can write me directly from this site.

      3. On the last Thursday of every month, I meet-up with members of The Soul Map Community for an hour LIVE via Livestream.com to review the month astro-moves ahead and share an interactive Q&A (just one of the perks of being a subscriber)!

      4. And if you’d rather talk, I completely understand. You can opt for a Discovery Session, my way of reserving time in my often squishy client-calendar to answer any ‘What (if anything) is right for me?’ questions. There’s a small reservation fee to hold the time for you BUT good news! That fee’s credited to whichever service you select within 30 days (just seems fair, no?). If that option sounds up-your-alley-appealing, you can read more about it here (its the third option down).

      Happy 2013!


      • Quick story – my COOLdog book has a plea for dog owners to take care of the off leash parks so we can continue having them… I gave a copy to David Suzuki ever so quickly at his book signing table when he was in Calgary. He gracefully took it and gave me a suggestion to contact someone on his team. Do you know a few weeks later that I received a HANDWRITTEN thank-you note from him saying thanks for the book, and again to follow up with his staff? I was FLOORED and so impressed that this Canadian Icon took the time to personalize a response. Wow.

    • You got it, Ms. Olsen! And congrats to you: you’re the 3rd & final winner of a copy of WYRD (which is wafting it’s digital way to you now)!

      P.S. Thanks!

    • I am indeedy – congrats for spotting the 1st ‘Fave 5’!

      You’ve just won the first of 3 copies of WYRD’s – which is now on it’s way to you, s’keep an eye on your in-box!

      Happy Holidays, Patricia.

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