Who’s A Part Of Your Tabletop Gang

Who’s A Part Of Your Tabletop Gang

Truth time: despite all the hoo-ha out there, it’s not always easy to stay in touch with what keeps you tapped in & on-course, is it?

Stuff happen. Plans go awry. Curveballs fly. Or you stretch into new territory & find yourself feeling anxious or a little outta sorts…

One key thing always makes a world of difference for me, helpin’ me keep a cool head (& my intentions front ‘n’ center) whether I’m stretchin’, rockin’ or recoverin’…

My Tabletop Gang, Buddha & Animal, who stand sentinel on the corner of my desk (something many of you’ve commented on – and a few of you’ve scratched your heads over – watch the video for more on the head-scratchin’ & what its done for me).

Buddha. Whenever I’m having a grrr-day (or things don’t go my way) Buddha helps me stay in touch with one of my primary intentions: to live, work, create & serve with as much equanimity as I can, come what may.

This isn’t about not feelin’ what I feel (like that’s even possible), but remembering not to blow off or fight whatever’s happened (wasting oodles of creative capacity time & energy) but instead, meet it by tapping into the best of me again.

Or, when I find myself nervous & a lil’ breathless doing something new (can you say TV show?) – or a little bigger or bolder than I’ve ever done before (can you say TV show?) – he reminds to take a breath, reconnect and come on back to being me.

Animal. Whenever I’m likely to drift off course a bit with worry I’m ‘not doing it right’, Animal’s my guy. The ultimate status quo antidote, he reminds me to cut myself loose of conditioned constraint and be my kinda wild, free & purposefully pioneering.

The auto-smile that comes whenever I look his way works too (dare ya not to smile).

Given it’s the start of a brand-spankin’ New Year – and you’re likely to be doing something newer or bolder or bigger than before (dare ya) – could you use a sentinel or two?

Which sentinels would you choose?

And what would they stand for with you?

P.S. Have you downloaded last week’s SHAZAM beginner’s Brand MappingTM freebee What’s Your Fave 5 yet (goes with last week’s show, which doubles as a video tutorial)?

P.S. to the P.S. Have you heard the hubbub about 30 Days 30 Dares yet?

6 thoughts on “Who’s A Part Of Your Tabletop Gang

  1. I SO love this video!!! I think you must be in my brain, because just yesterday I found my biz mascot/touchstone. He’s a tie-dyed beanie baby sock monkey! He’s awesome. He’s got some seriously colorful and spiked hair to go along with his colorful sock monkey look. He reminds of 3 things.

    1) Every piece of tie-dye is unique. So am I and so are my clients. Whenever I feel like I’m stepping away from my uniqueness I look over at my mascot and he reminds me to come back.

    2) He’s colorful, bright and cheery. So, when I’m feeling blue, I can look at him and remember that I’m a colorful, bright and cheery person and I just need to look for the colorful, bright and cheery around me.

    3) He’s just FUN looking. Makes me want to play (I DO actually pick him up and play with him…did that several times today already!). He sits on my desk where I work. He’s my reminder to always do what’s most fun in my business.

    Thank you for spreading the message on touchstones. SO important to retaining who we are.

    -Kristen Beireis

  2. Lissa – wow! LOVE this! Concrete, spiritual reminders of who I really am! I have a beany baby duck, tie-die colors in her feathers, called Dora. She’s couisins with Dinky and Dinah, who are the “kids” of my friend Marie. Marie gave me Dora so I could play along. She’s always reminding me to pay attention to her. She took Dora on a trip with her cousins recently, etc… It’s a make-believe world that Marie has invited me into and I forget to play along. Thing is, Dora is sweet and vulnerable, but also super smart and wise, for such a little thing. She embodies tenderness and knowing that she’s perfect just as she is – and all of this is the super-power that is in me. It’s that unconscious competency. She’s one. Now, I’m going to be open for the others to speak to me. Something about elegance and loveliness to start, then courage and boldness, daring….Thanks so much! XOXOXO

  3. Ouch, Lissa! My neck’s feeling a little funny from nodding in agreement (and/or amazement & “ohmyword, how’d I forget that?”) with everything you said!

    I loved hearing why you chose Buddha and Animal to grace your desk – woulda figured there was a good reason (if I’d thought about it, which I hadn’t until you mentioned it here) – but hearing WHAT those reasons are – WOW! that endeared you and your message to me even more.

    Thanks for this ,

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