Who’s Your 1st Customer?

Who’s Your 1st Customer?
Why not knowing’ how business works’ can make you the perfect business rule-breaker, and YOU the next breakout success story.

Wanna hear something radically counter-intuitive about purposeful business?

Most of the innovatively successful – the ones who bring to life something we’ve never seen or experienced before – don’t go into business knowing all that much (if anything at all) about business. And because they don’t, their approach is entirely different.

Cause it has to be. So different, in fact, they inadvertently (what?!) ‘break the mold’ (can you say innovation?), and that makes a world of difference.

Coincidence? You decide.

Regardless, here’s what’s brilliant about it – and why it can make purposeful business-know-nuthin’s the next breakout success story.

See, when you’re coming from a clean slate, business can be what your purposeful imperative is meant to make it be (or what I call your inner Business & Brand Map).

You begin – and continue – as a breakin’ da mold, rule-bender (or breaker), innovator, thought-leading pioneer.

And that not only sets you apart authentically, but makes a world of difference in the world of business itself…

Wanna know something else? There’s a few key, across-the-board commonalities in this organic (yet intelligent, predictable & winning) approach ‘the successful’ gravitate to.

And on today’s Soul Map TV episode, we review three of the most important of those key commonalities:

  1. Being your own 1st Customer
  2. Creating a business you yourseld’d LOVE to be a customer of
  3. Designing experiences informed by – and loyal to – #1 & #2

Episode Challenge:

After you’ve watched the show, try your hand at naming the kinds of business systems, processes & structures, strategies, tools & tactics this would change. And if you’re really up for a challenge, consider taking a run at describing HOW it would change them…

5 thoughts on “Who’s Your 1st Customer?

  1. Thank you!! This has been really helpful for me; and your email today was also really helpful! I had such a lovely download from Heaven, I swear, last night about a strategy to do both professional things and personal things and have a home life with my new hubby…and then out of no-where, boom! The most wonderful novel just spilled out of my hands, first all the harmonies , and I am sure that next weekend the melody will come out too, just like a good symphony. Now I just need to be open to applying this to the business side of things and make sure that it is fun and not drudgery. Thank you!

  2. Lissa,
    What a phenomenal idea! Thank you for your brilliance in always bringing us the best and brightest bits of information to send us along a more creative path. This is mind boggling in its simplicity and creativity.

  3. Loved this Lissa!
    I’ve been watching and reading a lot about ‘how to’ get more leads, sell more stuff etc., and I get a little itchy scratchy with all the advice. Your reminder to stay connected with my higher self/purpose was such a relief. I can view what I’ve been reading through the lens of me, my purpose, my love, and cherry pick what serves me and only what serves me …
    Thank you thank you thank you – yet again for your bang on bits!
    xo Jan

    • It is a relief, isn’t it? Totally know that itchy scratchy – great way of putting it. Mine tells me which cherry’s aren’t for me, no matter how ‘ripe’! Thx s’much for sharing.

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