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The Purposeful Profitability of Being Wyrd

It pays to be the right kind of weird. In fact, your ‘quirks’ are mission critical to purposeful work & prosperity.

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Compass Classes

The Calling Cycle

The universe moves in cycles. Your life + business are no different. The cycle you’re in right now? Can’t rush it. Can’t fight it. You’ve just gotta LIVE it. (Why? ‘Cause otherwise, you’d miss the big a-ha ding-ding SHAZAM! — the lesson you were put on the planet to teach.) The Calling Cycle™ is a foundational 6-week course for aspiring, growing (& sometimes even seasoned) entrepreneurs.

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The Code

The Code™ is a 6-week exploration of your unyielding, unwilling-to-compromise values: your sacred code of honor — and the backbone of your business.

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