The Discovery Session

When you’re not sure which map’s for you. You’ve poked around the site. Studied your options.

And you’ve got a pretty good sense one or more of the Maps (or classes) might be a good fit.

But which one, which one?

I sooo hear you. Here’s a thought…

How ‘bout we hop on the phone (or Skype!) for a quick, 20-minute Discovery Session & find out together?

We’ll talk about which services appeals to you & why. What you’re hoping for. Needing. Wanting.

And I’ll honestly tell you what class or service (if any) is mostly likely to do ‘it’ for you. And I’ll tell you if I think it won’t be the best use of your hard-earned moula.

PLUS, if something is right for you, your Discovery Session investment’ll count toward your purchase (just seems fair, don’t you think)!

All you have to do is invest within 30 days using a special credit code we’ll give you, and you’ll be all set!

BUY NOW: $100