The Soul Map Insider

It’s no crystal ball, but it’s pretty darned close.

When was the last time you got an e-newsletter that actually made a difference for you from the moment you read it?

(even though it only took only about 90 seconds to read?)

Can not even express how grateful I am you are here in the world to guide. And so simply, too. 

If it were not for you, Lissa Boles, I think I would feel insane. And I’d miss seeing so much of the opportunity around me…

Maggie Katz


When was the last time you read an e-newsletter you couldn’t wait to share?

Forwarding this week’s copy of The Soul Map™ Insider to be sure you saw it.

Lissa is the real deal, and her insights are always amazing…

Deb Walsh


An e-newsletter that becomes a keeper you pull out & use again cause its THAT good…

Remember The Insider from September 16th?

It struck a cord so deep, so clear, so fast, something I’d been unable to move on for months suddenly shifted and I’ve been on fire and in aligned action ever since.

Now, whenever I feel that same can’t-move ick start to creep in again, I put out that Insider & let it go to work for me again.

Pure freaking gold. How can I every repay you…

Kaylee Jensen


The Soul Map™ Insider is THAT kind of e-newsletter.

Let’s face it: most e-newsletters are more about about the aims of the writer & not of you, the reader. About impressing upon you their expertise & their value instead of sharing real stuff you can really use (& letting that speak for itself).

That’s not what the Soul Map™ Insider is.

Packed with amazingly accurate forecast briefs (emphasis on the word ‘brief’: your time is precious, after all) about coming trends & opportunities in purposeful work & business…

PLUS on-the-mark suggestions about how to make the most of each one of them…

The Insider’s a weekly e-newsletter like no other because its about you.

As usual, this week’s Insider’s a hit and getting passed on, reverberating among some very cool women here in RI. Just wanted you to know that your reach is going further than you may realize…

Lois Kelly


If you’re a purposeful, heart-driven, thought-leading, innovation-minded person who wants to make real change through your work or your business…

(while making more than chump change in the process)

And you know in your bones there are unseen forces at work (like the winds) in life that we can learn to map & lean into for everyone’s benefit, including our own…

Then The Soul Map™ Insider’s for you.

It’s no crystal ball, but it’s pretty darned close.

Psst… It might help to know that I consider your Insider subscription an invitation into your life & your world, and that I’m a guest in both.You have my promise that I will treat you and that welcome with the utmost respect.

You will NOT become just a faceless name on a list.

You will NOT be bombarded with offers & promotions.

You WILL be considered a member of The Soul Map™ family.

It may take a little time for you to know I actually mean that, but that’s ok by me (btw, I don’t blame you one bit – it’s e-mail crazy out there). Take all the time you need. You deserve it.