The Code (ended)

the formula you’re seeking is already within.

What is your code of value?

And no, I’m not talking about ‘going to brunch on Sunday’ or ‘being punctual’ or ‘paying bills on time’ or ‘having a 3-bedroom house with central air-conditioning.’

I’m talking about the intangible qualities so VITAL to your being, so INTEGRAL to who you are that without them, you’d literally turn gray, cave inward + collapse into nothingness.

Your Values Code is the organizing principle of your life + business – the life-design you’re instinctually compelled to build with + abide by – whether you know it or not.

the things you’re willing to fight for — come hell or high water. The things you hold most dear. Need in your own life. MUST help make more alive in the world.

The things you’re willing to be a messenger — and champion — for. No matter what.

It’s your DNA. Your Destiny. Your Art. Your Code.

So many people — even seasoned, experienced + passionate entrepreneurs — struggle to grasp + express just what … exactly … precisely … even vaguely … their Code is.

When you can’t articulate your Code, you inevitably wind up living by somebody else’s. I don’t need to tell you how painful — and copy-cat crazy-making — that can be.

But it’s no wonder we’re all fumbling in the dark — because we’ve been conditioned to ignore, discount (and even mistrust) the signals + messages that illuminate our personal Codes.

Enough is enough. It’s time to discover our Code once & for all. Time to trust it, affirm it, and let it point the way to our most purposeful + prosperous work. Our Magnum Opus…

The Code™ is a 6-week exploration of your unyielding, unwilling-to-compromise value: your sacred code of honor — and the backbone of your business.

As you discover your Code, you’re simultaneously revealing the ideal design for your life + business. It’s like seeing your own skeleton, laid bare (without having to go through a painful accident — thank goodness.)

Your Code will illuminate + affirm:

  • The best environment for the work you’re called to do, now.
  • The most empowering relationships + partnerships to invite into your business.
  • The ideal creative rhythm that’s been eluding you, for eons.
  • The guardrails of your communication + marketing plan, your branding concepts, product development + entire business direction.

This is the real jewel of the class: your Code IS your business model. You don’t need anyone else’s ‘tried-and-true’ formula. You already have one. And working against it is costly — in every sense of the word.

The Format

6 weeks. 6 lessons. A noble community of leaders, seekers + doers

You’ll get:

  • 6 Interactive Lessons devoted to helping you discover, trust, affirm and (hallelujah!) verbally articulate your Code

6 consecutive Wednesday’s at 11:00  am ET/8:00 am PT starting June 7th, 2017

  • 4 Q&A Calls to ask questions, seek clarification, and ask for ‘oh-lawdy-please-help-me’ support

Q&A calls take place every other Friday at 3:00 ET/12:00 PT starting June 16th

  • A Code-Finding Workbook — your personal journal + planning tool, for the course.
  • Access to a Purpose-Driven Incubator Community — with daily discussions, on a private Facebook page.
  • The very-best of my love + skill, culled from thousands of hours of working with this deep, ancient and all-important material.

The Focus

The thrust of this class? Identifying + articulating your personal foundation — so you never again find yourself fighting it, hiding it, unwittingly working against it & loosing it (& yourself) again.

In this class, you will …

  • Grip, grok, grasp and finally GET your core values — an inimitable inner compass, that is incapable of leading you astray, by its very design.
  • Learn to differentiate between your true Code, and your almost-but-not-quite Code — so you can avoid living with somebody else’s values, or working at cross-purposes with your calling.
  • Begin to reshape your working environment, relationships, boundaries, communication + marketing initiatives, even your daily routine, bringing your business into alignment with your Code.
  • Allow yourself to sink into your core values — and recalibrate your business priorities, accordingly — while honoring the commitments you’ve already made to yourself, your clients, + employees, and avoiding unnecessary friction + conflict.
  • Above all: you’ll be invited to take a more active + conscious role in the overarching cosmic quake-a-thon that’s affecting everyone on the planet — building a business that’s not just aligned with your own personal code of values, but in tune with the needs of the times.

The Next Step

The Code™ is so much bigger than you, me or our respective businesses.

This is a portal into a deeper, more accurate way of understanding your whole life. The problems you’re here to solve. The suffering you’re here to alleviate. And the Code™ by which you’re going to do it.


Only 30 Seats Available.
Registration Deadline – Midnight ET, June 5

… and mark Wednesday’s starting June 7, 2017 at 1:00 am ET (find your time zone here),in your calendar.

See you then. And let the pragmatic profundity begin!


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