The universe moves in cycles.
Your life + business are no different.

The cycle you’re in right now? Can’t rush it. Can’t fight it. You’ve just gotta LIVE it.

(Why? ‘Cause otherwise, you’d miss your life’s big A-Ha, Ding-Ding-Ding, SHAZAM! — the lessons you were put on the planet to teach.)

But this whole Calling Cycle™? It doesn’t need to be quite so freaky, murky or agonizing.

You can find your way forward — and build a stronger, more sustainable, more prosperous business — by learning to recognize + appreciate your own creative rhythm. I’ll show you how.

The Calling Cycle™ is a foundational 6-week course for aspiring, growing (& sometimes even seasoned) entrepreneurs.

It’s not about kick-starting your marketing campaign, slapping together your first online shop or revving up your mailing list (good God, there’ll be mucho time for that later.)

This is about learning to see + understand the 4 distinct parts of The Calling Cycle™Distintegration, Reformation, Rooting + Taking Flight — so that you can embrace whatever phase you’re in, love it, learn from it, and better prepare yourself for the big work to come.

Feeling my flow? Yes, please + thank you? CLICK HERE to hop down to the course format + details — and take the next step.

What’s the what-now? Need to wrap your head around the whole notion of a “Calling Cycle™” — and what the heck it has to do with your emerging business? READ ON…

Callings + cycles + creative rhythms — what’s it gotta do with business?

Imagine a woman going into labor— her body + soul instinctively convulsing, stretching, in the throes of creation — without knowing she’s pregnant.

Is she frightened? You better believe it. Angry? Most definitely. At odds with herself – betrayed, bewildered, confused + utterly alone? Holy YES.

Creating a new life + business is no different than giving birth. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you’re swirling + synthesizing parts of your body + soul, and creating a ‘being’ that does not yet exist.

And just like the woman giving birth, when you’re oblivious to what’s happening inside + all round you, it’s terrifying.

But when you’re conscious, clear + fully aware of what’s going on, it’s a whooole different story. You’re no longer adrift + alone. You’re anchored — even when you’re not “in control.” And you can watch for those oh-so predictable signals + signs that say, “now — it’s time to move forward.”

That’s the power of understanding your own creative process. That’s the logic (and beauty) of The Calling Cycle™.

(Got this gist? Yes-oh-yes? Let’s talk format, flow + class details.)

The Format

6 weeks. 6 lessons. A lively community of seekers + doers.

You’ll get:

  • 6 Interactive Lessons covering the 4 distinct pieces of The Calling Cycle™ — Disintegration, Reformation, Rooting + Taking Flight — interwoven with soulful solutions to everyday business dilemmas.
  • 4 Q&A Calls to ask questions, seek clarification, and ask for ‘oh-lawdy-please-help-me’ support.
  • A Way-Finding Workbook — your personal journal + planning tool, for the course.
  • Access to an Incubator Community — with daily discussions, on a private Facebook page.
  • Bonus Classes with all-star entrepreneurs, like …
    • TBD
  • The very-best of my love + skill, culled from thousands of hours of working with this deep, ancient and oh-so timely material.

The Focus

Oh, so many discovery points!

In this class, you will …

  • First + foremost, figure out where you are in The Calling Cycle™ so you can experience less anxiety + more peace — right now. And! Anticipate the next phase of the cycle — which is always in motion — so you can partner with it, rather than smash + clash against it.
  • Say buh-bye to feeling clueless + step into feeling clued-in about why you’re here + what unique gifts you’re meant to contribute.
  • Understand why you love what you love (and loathe what you loathe) — and learn how to translate your fascinations + passions into a brand-new business (or: your latest + greatest business offering).
  • Above all: you’ll learn how to know + trust the signs that you’ve DEFINITELY found your purpose (or not — yet!) so you can stop wondering, worrying or second guessing yourself and start making your dream happen.

The Next Step

The Calling Cycle™ is more than just a “business-building class” — it’s an introduction to an entirely new framework of living, working + making sense of your experiences on the planet.

If you’re ready for a Grand De-Murkification — and powerful tools to help you build a business around your true purpose, not your almost-purpose — this is for you.


… and mark your calendar for (Date Yet to Be Determined, 3pm ET, Noon PT)

See you then. Holy smokes.