Pep Talk

33 Lissa Boles

I dare you to take your turn.

Lissa Boles here, grateful host of all this 30 Days 30 Dares goodness…

Whether you’ve been following the series since the beginning, or you joined in somewhere along the way, I hope it’s helped you see things with fresh eyes and begin the year in a daring & uncommon way.

32 Michael Katz

I dare you to believe how great you really are.

I made a mistake last week involving pants… I bought them. The problem is, and I have to say that I pretty much knew this before I left the store, they don't fit.

In my defense, I am a man. I don't like clothes-shopping to begin with, and when you throw in the extra step of having to try things on, I get to a point where I'd gladly plunk down my credit card on an ill-fitting clown suit, if I thought it would get me out of the store faster.

31 Alex Baisley

I dare you to wear your business like your favourite pair of jeans.

I am not at all psychic, and nevertheless... I think I might know what your biggest dream is.

Underneath all the dreams you have in your life - great income, relationships, travel, family, sharing your unique twinkle big time in the world with your business...

The foundation under all of these brave and worthwhile adventures you are fully engaged with, is one simple dream...

30 Patti Digh

I dare you to stop fixing and start listening.

There is a black /white race dialogue program here in Asheville, NC, where I live. Each session meets for nine weeks, and in those weeks, groups of black and white people meet together in small groups to talk about racism in our area. You meet with the same 10-12 people each Monday night for several hours.

We read, we listen to films and speakers, we explore. And then we talk. We hear stories and hurt each other’s feelings. We step on toes and sometimes, but not always, become friends across a racial divide.