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I dare you to build your business on LOVE.

In so many ways, love has always been in my life. But most importantly, love was in my life when there was much struggle. While growing up I lost my father and both of my brothers – and it was tragic for my family. What I remember most though is how much love surrounded me. I remember growing through the most difficult times because of love.

I had a wake up call when I wanted to conquer the world through my work. I took a corporate job where I worked my tail off – and I did it with much love. But what I found was working with love in mind was incredibly hard to find in a corporate environment (and it definitely wasn’t welcome). People around me were driven by other things while I was working my heart and soul to make a difference. I soon realized how I didn’t fit in – and most importantly – how I wanted to make sure that I spent the rest of my life doing work that made a difference… doing something with purpose… and with a great deal of love.

So I quit my job and started my own company. A company I wanted to build with love. And this was a dare to myself that ended up changing my life…  and it was love leading the way.

Yep, I left a good paying corporate job. Yep, I had a full variety of magical benefits – and yep, I was going to start my own business… with love.

And yep, I was scared as hell.

People thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy. I was stretching myself in a way I had never experienced before. It was completely unknown to me. I had no idea what the heck I was doing, but I quickly figured it out. And it was with a great deal of love that I made it work.

I had to step out and into that dare in a big way. And I did it this way because I believe that love always finds a way to make great things happen.

And it’s true.

Six years later – my business continues to be successful. Each and every day – I’m focused on the love it continues to build on.

The way I adore and love my team and the team loves each other. The way our clients love us and our work and how much we love them. It makes each and every day more purposeful, more unique, and more important. The impact it’s made on everyone around us has been the best thing of all.

Isn’t this how we all should be in our businesses?

I’m daring you to build your business on love because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. It’s not the amount of money you make, it’s not how popular you could become – it’s none of that. It’s knowing that each and every day is a gift.

Spread the love. Give love. Be love. You’ll change lives. Every. Single. Day.

Let’s change the world together – let’s start with love. Are you with me?

Chelsea Berler
Founder & CEO of Solamar Agency; Co-Founder of Your Event Without Borders; Social Media Director at Best Day Foundation; Doggie Momma; Foodie; Friend


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  1. Loving you, Chelsea, and appreciating the gifts both of your modelling possibility in your own business AND supporting me (and many others) as we co-create more love in our world! xo

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