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I dare you to reach more people with your work.

As we move into this New Year, still shiny and new- I dare you to do something different this year.

I dare you to become more well known and let your business support you fully and with grace. And yes, I have a personal reason for this request.

You see- I’m sick and tired of amazing people doing amazing work but hardly anyone knows about them.

You come from a place for service. You WANT to show up and serve. But it’s, maybe, becoming exhausting. You go to local meetings and network. You travel to conferences and events. You spend a lot of time on social media- and every bit takes away from your precious energy and resources to serve your clients better and more fully. And even for all that work, the clients come in slowly. Or maybe not at all.

You’ve invested so much in your website, and business cards, and in the infrastructure of a business which isn’t supporting you with ease.

And while there are probably a few reasons for that, at least one of them is that not enough people know of you and are interested to work with you.

You see, it’s kind of a funny thing, because people need to know of you in order to work with you. But you can’t actually have a profitable business if you are always away from your office because you’re busy marketing your business.

In my experience, most conscious entrepreneurs don’t use the internet for marketing. Yes, they put up websites. Yes, they faithfully post to their blog when they can. They spend time on Facebook. They spend time on Twitter- but they never actually see ongoing results from their efforts- and they wonder if anyone is listening or even paying attention.

The biggest reason for this is because while you’re doing the activities of marketing, you’re not actually marketing. Let me explain. If you write a blog post and put it on your site, you’ve done an activity of marketing. But if nobody is coming to your site to read your posts, you’re not really marketing.

An activity of marketing is the creation of content (article, audio, video, etc.). The distribution of that content is marketing. For most business owners, they need more distribution than they have.

And because they don’t have enough distribution, they never get enough clients. And so they think internet marketing doesn’t work.

And, at the same time, they feel that internet marketing is icky and yucky and not soulful.

But I dare you to think of it this way- is it soulful to hide out from the very people you are called to serve? Is it soulful to reject a marketing strategy that can help you make bigger impact and bring your gifts to the world?

My answer is no. I think it is not soulful. You are doing your future clients a disservice when they need someone like you and can’t find you online.

For many years, I have worked behind the scenes for some really well known people in the personal development and coaching space. I was always more comfortable being ‘behind-the-scenes’- than being out front and center.

Yet, I also saw that my inner longing was to step out from the shadows and to be able to serve in my own way, not always within the framework of working within my client’s businesses. I wanted to have a business that could work with clients directly.

But, to do that, I had to dare to become more well known. And it was scary and vulnerable. So am I super famous? No. Will I ever be? Probably not. But then, fame, alone, is not my most important measure.

I have a prosperous and steadily growing business. I work with some of the coolest entrepreneurs and businesses on earth, and am lucky and proud to consider many of my clients as my friends. Almost every day brings new opportunities for me to share my message- either in the form of speaking engagements, or high level media interviews, or new clients by referral. My available opportunities far exceed my available time.

And the same can happen for you.

Becoming well known, in a strategic way, can stabilize your business and help you grow it with more ease and security.

It might be scary to think about. But feel into it as a method of providing more service and doing more good in this world.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

Rachna Jain
Dr of Clinical Psychology, MSN.com’s top Smal Biz Bloggers, creator of the Profitable Popularity traffic generation program


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  1. If it helps, consider my example, Cara. I create Soul Map TV each week and post it to my blog. THEN Rachna helps me (she’s a valued member of The Soul Map team) syndicate the show and it’s written post out across the internet to sites where content like mine will reach way, way more people my work/message might than just posting to my own site could ever do. In addition, coordinated sharing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google+ is also part of the syndication plan, again helping my work/message reach a whole lot more people than I could on my own (unless I didn’t mind working 16-hour days, 6 days a week!). In a few months time, Soul Map will even be on iTunes as an on-demand video feed or podcast. Distribution & cross-platform promotion of a single, valuable piece of content (or of a content stream) is mad sooo much easier when you leverage the technologies that make duplicating the effort (without expending the effort) 10x (or more) more possible!!! Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Cara,
    Thanks for your note! My point in this dare was to encourage readers to become more well known with their work, and to do this using the technologies of internet marketing. My goal is to help people see that they can attract clients and grow their businesses without having to exhaust themselves by always being out of their offices, marketing their business. The way most entrepreneurs have set up their businesses, they only get clients when they are actively working. My point is that by learning how to use the Internet better, more purposefully and intentionally, you can get clients coming directly to you. So, for example, when I wrote about ‘writing a blog post’- most entrepreneurs write the blog post, but never actually distribute it. This is one example of not using the technology as well as it could be used. The main point I was trying to drive home was to become more well known, and to become better at leveraging technology to do it. I hope this is clearer, and I apologize for any confusion. 🙂

  3. I love this message and yet the specifics of it are leaving me confused. On one hand you say that getting out there to be known is exhausting and using energy that could be spent serving clients, and on the other hand you say that it’s not soulful to hide out from people you are meant to serve?

    What’s the middle way?

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