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I Dare You to treat your gifts as the gifts they actually are.

When I was 22 years old I discovered Rolfing®. To give you the short version, Rolfing is a form of manual therapy that works in the connective tissue to get your body integrated, which translates, for many, to fixing the chronic pain and mobility problems that range from nagging to debilitating.

I didn’t discover Rolfing because I was the kind of holistically oriented person that just liked to discover stuff that might be handy for preventative self care. Ooooh no! I discovered Rolfing out of desperation to repair my very broken body. I had had a birth injury which injured my upper cervicals, gave me Bell’s Palsy, TMJ, seizures, and some seriously tight tissue and the chronic pain that goes along with that. So by the time I reached 22, I felt a lot closer to 82.

And then, through a myriad of fortuitous events, I landed in a Rolfer’s office. I had tried a lot of things at this point , both holistic and allopathic, to resolve my pain and mobility problems, but the experience of my first Rolfing session was different from anything that had come before. It was the kind of event, quite literally, that now divides my life into “before Rolfing” and “after Rolfing”. After Rolfing I fluctuate between 90 to 100% pain free depending on the day, and am an athlete and yoga practitioner. Something that my younger self, who was extremely self conscious of her “gimpyness”, and who regularly handed in doctor notes to get out of gym class, would have laughed heartily at had I given her a glimpse of her future.

So why am I telling you all this? Flash forward 4 years from my initial Rolfing sessions (which can only be described as a cloud’s parting, angel’s singing experience), and I am now a Rolfing practitioner myself! Hooray! I can now share this wonderful gift with others! Um, except now that I’m trying to earn a living doing it, it suddenly doesn’t feel like a gift. It feels instead an awful lot like panhandling.

Oh how I hoped people would pay me so I could do the work I loved! “Please everyone out there! Do me a favor and pay me so I can do this!” Hmmm. Suddenly I went from offering a gift to begging people to do me a favor, or worse, fork over some money while doing me a favor. That kinda sucked the air out of my passion for the work and let me tell you, that was very, very palpable to all those potential clients out there. I found it extremely hard to earn a living as a Rolfer for my first few years out of school.

Then one day, after receiving a session for myself and remembering just how dang good it made my body feel, I had a spontaneous a-ha moment. “This work is a gift! I’m trying to give people a big, shiny, sparkly, wonderful gift of feeling amazing in their bodies!” And it occurred to me, finally, that I could view my work as the offering of a gift, or I could view my work as begging people to do me a favor, but only one could be true at any given time. I could not hold those two opposing thought simultaneously.

And with choosing to view my work as a gift, my passion was awakened like wildfire and my practice was full with a waiting listing within a short handful of months. Something I had never managed to accomplish in all the years prior.

My dare to you is this: find the gift in your work and then treat it like a gift. If you are offering something you have to believe, in your core, real-deal self that the thing you are offering is truly the juiciest and most delicious gift. Before your inner critic starts in with all kinds of thoughts about how you could be offering something better, or more meaningful, or “geez why don’t you try a little harder and make something that’s really worthwhile already”, I invite you to give that voice a tender shush, take a breath, and look at what you are currently offering to people. It is a rare instance that you will find it truly devoid of a gift. I’m talking full time job as a spammer or con artist stuff. I don’t think any of you fall into that category!

Now, once you’ve found your gift, treat it like one! You’ve got goodies to share and people are going to benefit big time from them! Yippee! Strut your stuff! What a treasure you have for so many people to discover! Embrace the excessive number of exclamation points I just used and share your gift with the world. The world is waiting.

Brooke Thomas
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