6 Andrea J. Lee

I dare you to break the chains of I should.

however many years ago when something primitive inside
leapt into life and pushed you up

up, up, up, then forward and blop! down on your bum
you dared to take your first step

audacious in the face of gravity
and hardwood floors and splinters
you fell
one step at a time
you fell
in stocking feet and diapered bum

you didn’t know it then, and you may not know it now, but every cell in your body was daring
to be outrageous

how dare you think you could WALK?

human babies are helpless for so long
unlike horses who stand within MINUTES of birth
all the more stunning then
and the nerve of us, to dare to stand and walk
after years of cradling

as creators of change it can be easy
to feel the inexorable pull of
feeling like babies

there is so much
it is confusing
I don’t know how
i just want the warm amniotic sac

so many people do it the mindless way
in cubicles, in jobs, in forms, in queues – why not me?
it sure would be easier

so many people, shy to shine their light
hold back out of humility, not wanting to be arrogant – who am I to dare to

like when you dared to walk

when the inevitable blops of falling down in our businesses arrive
aka ‘failure’

do we shrink

remember when you were failing so well at walking
you dared to not deny the feelings of pain
you dared shed hot tears that came with stairwells
you dared to watch pigtails fly on the trampoline

you can say yes again like that

daring to face the harshest part of yourself (tell the truth)

daring to feel your anger (feel the beast)
daring to admit you didn’t love when you could have (mourn the loss)
daring to do things the way everyone else says is ‘wrong’ (engage your tender heart)

daring to do the opposite
and be awake with every step

daring – always – to do the unexpected
is the only way to break the chains of I should

and it’s so human

in a world full of serious, seeking faces, dare to be happy and…
let it show

Andrea Lee
Visionary business and life coach who guides exceptional clients to the success they seek, while championing them to become more and more uniquely themselves.


4 thoughts on “6

  1. Ah! thanks Aline! (blush) It was my very first poem ever. I figured this would be a great place to step out on that. 🙂

    Cara – your comment makes me feel like I know that man and what a pleasure it is to know him a tiny bit. Big yays for heroic examples of people like that…oh we cherish them and treasure them. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  2. I was at at memorial service for my brother’s father-in-law this past weekend. After several people came up to share words of his life and how he touched people, a community friend, not close to the man who died, but there because he was part of his world, asked for the microphone. He said he didn’t know him well enough to say much, but said he could offer a song. This man has a nice, strong singing voice and one of the biggest and free-est hearts in anyone I know personally. So he sang to the family. It was breathtaking in it’s huge-hearted audacity. My husband said ” that Buck, he’s incredible.” The words that came to me are: “he lives in such a way that he knows hes a child of God who is here to spread love. And not for any self-serving means – for the rest of us. He is so free.” Buck is an incredible example of what you are talking about Andrea. His life is one huge response to your dare. And I take huge inspiration from him. Freedom to respond to those loving impulses! Whew! Wow! Thank you so much for this!

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