13 Julia Kious-Zabell

I dare you to be radically idealistic. - Julia Kious-Zabell

Julia Kious-Zabell
Thought Provoker Extraordinaire supporting entrepreneurs to “Do Awesome by Doing Good” at the same time as championing the role of business as a force for good in the world!
www.beinvigorated.com or www.doawesomebydoinggod.com

2 thoughts on “13

  1. Couldn’t do the endless multiple smaller tasks without my big vision. Without it, it’s all just work!! You are so right on!

  2. What a great reminder Julia, about tapping back into my big vision. Its easy to forget and lose our way, and in a sense then lose the passion for why we got going to begin with. I love the idea of being radically idealistic, I guess because that is who I am already. 🙂 You rock. (and so does your new hair style by the way!) Louise x

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