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I dare you to wear your business like your favourite pair of jeans.

I am not at all psychic, and nevertheless… I think I might know what your biggest dream is.

Underneath all the dreams you have in your life – great income, relationships, travel, family, sharing your unique twinkle big time in the world with your business…

The foundation under all of these brave and worthwhile adventures you are fully engaged with, is one simple dream…

Great Days.

If you think about all the things you are creating, and trying to move towards in your life and your business, you probably, when you stop to notice, *see* them in images. Vignettes of moments in a day.

You see yourself smiling on stage as everyone is clapping.

You see yourself sharing a hearty laugh with loved ones.

You see yourself enjoying a travel destination, or a cottage by the lake.

If you want to try me out on this, picture this: see yourself when you no longer worry about ________ (money for example). The images that come to mind will likely be…. you in the context of some ‘moment’ in a day.

Which means…. this simplifies everything. You only have one real ‘work’ that will ultimately matter TOTALLY to you.

You are a daily life creator.

And everything you bring into your life – from relationships, to books, to appointments, to a nice coffee, to yoga, to YOUR BUSINESS – are elements off daily life creation.

What if your business was like putting on your favourite pair of jeans? Super comfortable. So… you.

How to start? Try this on for size…

Sit down with a journal, and consider this. If you were designing next week to fit you like a favorite pair of jeans, is there anything you would put in it that you are currently able to?

Something that would move you towards a happier daily life?

  • take Tuesday morning off to just read. or journal.
  • think of a dinner you’d like to make, and make a grocery list.
  • notice if you might like to suggest meeting a client in a nicer location that you would like
  • make a plan to call an old friend.

Do you think some of these simple ideas would nourish your one big dream… your Great Days?

Keener business-design exercise:

  • would you like to change your session lengths a bit?
  • would you like to do workshops or meet clients a bit more online from your cozy house rather than heading out every day?
  • change locations: would you be happier doing your admin work from the coffeeshop?

I dare to take these exercises on.

I dare to take these ideas to heart.

And I dare you to believe you can design and create your business to be just like your favorite-fitting pair of jeans.


Alex Baisley is a devoted dad, a vagabond, a coaching teacher & revolutionary business designer, a big (& small) dream advocate &  messenger of the abso-freaking-lutely possible.

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