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I dare you to take your turn.

Lissa Boles here, grateful host of all this 30 Days 30 Dares goodness…

Whether you’ve been following the series since the beginning, or you joined in somewhere along the way, I hope it’s helped you see things with fresh eyes and begin the year in a daring & uncommon way.

Now, you might think that after a full 30 Dares (& couple of great bonus Dares, right?!), we’d be done.

But we’re not finished just yet…

This series wouldn’t be complete without one more, special Dare from a much-anticipated contributor.


That’s right: YOU

If you dare, its time to take your turn and share a Dare with us.

So dip a big ladle into your life’s richest, most daring experience.

The one that most rocked your world.

Most up-ended your assumptions & expectations.

Most set your mind ‘n’ heart free.

Tell us what it showed you. Taught you. And (in the end) dared you to live differently.

Tell us what saying yes to that Dare helped you be or see or do.

And then Dare us to join you (down there in the comments area below).

Can’t wait to read it…

Yours in daring,


P.S.  The Share a Dare part of this series is open till February 14th, 2013. Please feel free to include a one-sentence bio + your URL + your Facebook or Twitter handle along with your Dare, cuz we’d love to know who you are, what you’re about & where to find you.  But please don’t turn your Dare into a pimped out promo for your business or a flaming finger-point at any one or any thing. We can take audacious stands AND practice Good Karma (dare ya). Dares that drift one way or t’other won’t be posted. #justsaying


25 thoughts on “33

  1. I dare you to walk toward all those scary waves you’re terrified will break over you, ball you up and throw you onto the beach! And if they’re going to break on you anyway, go deep! Do the counter-intuitive thing and dive under them. That’s where the water is most still, and you’ll come up on the other side of the turbulence.

    As a girl growing up in Barbados, we’d often watch newbie tourists just dip in at the edge of the waves where they’d get their swimsuits filled with sand. The more adventurous ones would go in further and then either have to run for the shore, or, frozen in their fear, experience the disorientation of being caught up in the swirl of the surf as the waves broke over them.

    From the time we were young, we were taught – always go out to meet the waves, and if they’re going to break on you anyway, go deep! Dive under them, into the stillness that is close to the sand.

    This isn’t just good advice for swimming in the sea, I dare you to try this out in your own life! Practice doing it until it becomes as it did for us as children, a deep in your body knowing – an instinctive reaction when the waves of life threaten to, and sometimes do, break over you.

    Walk towards them! Sometimes you’ll find yourself able to rise up with them and in that moment of exhilaration when you’re at the crest of the wave, be able to look back at the thing that was so scary that no longer has power over you.

    Other times, when you’ve walked towards them and you’re still at risk of being caught up, that’s the moment to take a deep breath and go deep. As you dive right into the base of the wave, connect with those deep, still truths that like a sea anchor keep you safe in the midst of the storm. The wave will pass over you, and you’ll come out on the other side having experienced as little of the turbulence as possible.

    And in those moments when life is SO wild you still get caught up in the waves and thrown onto the shore, take some time to sit on the beach, catching your breath and emptying out the excess sand in your swimsuit. But DON’T let the fear of those waves of life keep you stuck on the beach, paddling in the surf.

    When you’ve caught your breath, I DARE YOU to go back into the sea of life – fully engaging, and walking towards everything that is there, remembering that you DO know what to do when the big waves come. Go towards them, and go deep!

    I can so feel the thrill of this – thanks for the invitation to contribute, Lissa!

    Maralyn partners with those who intend to nurture juicy, co-creative partnerships with themselves, others, and life!

  2. I dare you to face your deepest resistance with eyes, arms and heart wide open, and invite it to become your biggest ally and collaborator.

    I dare you to surrender to the wisdom your resistance has in store for you when you reach out and take it by the hand with compassion and intention.

    Whether you are resisting a call to rest in stillness or take a new step (large, small or Great Leap of Faith), or face some aspect of Self you’ve not been present to in the past, trust this: On the other side of resistance you will find a well-spring of creativity waiting for you to access.

    And trust, too, that the journey through the resistance is what deepens and strengthens your capacity to tap that well and drink deeply. Viva la resistance!

  3. I dare us to take this moment and wring the living daylights out of it By speaking, thinking and acting in complete harmony with who you truly are. And then to keep repeating that for the next decade and the next and the next.
    ‘Triniphobia’ as I call the propensity for humans to hide their most brilliant, genius, loving, authentic nature, is the worst sickness on the planet And the antidote is to be utterly selfish and then put that selfishness at the service of humanity in peace and compassion, and with a fricken’ out of the box, yeehah kind of move.

  4. I DARE YOU TO GET VISIBLE! My childhood taught me that to be in the spotlight was to be in trouble. So I learned to be invisible. When I was in the military, even though I clearly stood out as a woman, I worked to be just one of the guys, to not expect anything more, but often accepting less..

    I have been in my current field of practice, addictions counseling and psychotherapy, for 25 years. After slavishly embracing the party line for years, I started to see the need for something different, something more. I didn’t think the party line on recovery and addiction treatment needed to be thrown out, but that there was room for tweaking, and that there needed to be something else for clients who wanted recovery but would not embrace the party line. But I worried about what those in my field would think about me, say about me.

    That hasn’t worked, for me or for the clients who need what I can offer them. I know longer want to be a “best kept secret.”

    My theme going forward is “Let’s Get Visible!” Maybe it is more clearly, Let’s get visible no matter what! There is too much at stake not to.

    So now,
    I DARE YOU….
    To get visible!
    To take a stand for what you believe.!
    To fearlessly stand up and speak out.!
    To share your gifts and to remember that someone, probably a lot of someones need what you have that no one else offers.

    Jerri Shankler MSW LCSW LCADC
    Recovery Alchemy|Is Addtion turning your family upside down? Get your life back NOW!

  5. I dare you to know – truly KNOW, in your core – that there’s something greater than you that has your back and will always make sure you take the right road and land in exactly the right spot.

  6. I dare you
    To be as kind as you always knew you were
    To try on compassion for a day
    To smile and accept your life as complete, abundant right now
    To not play TV sitcom and go for the cheap grin at another’s expense
    To slip a fiver in the cup where only change rests as you walk by
    Instead of harsh judgment send Love and understand
    For who are we but the beautiful imaginings we had as children.

  7. I dare you to look yourself in the eyes (a mirror helps that part) and to declare how beautiful you are, every day, until you truly believe it. To ignore all the BS you’ve learned about what beautiful is ‘supposed to be’ and to fully embrace the love you are. To see yourself as your lover and mother and children see you. To see that light shimmering from your eyes when you smile. To see the beauty in how your legs wiggle and fingers tap when your favorite songs are on. How your hands create beautiful things to brighten up the world and each mark or line on them is a mark of beauty.
    I dare you to accept the truth- that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, exactly as you are, in every moment. Ever since I’ve taken this practice into my life, I am so much happier, healthier, nicer, etc., without changing a thing about my appearance or weight. You deserve that freedom, too!

    Raven Chitalo

  8. I dare you to cultivate more of you, every day, in every way, and water the world with the fullest expression of your sacred gifts. It begins with daring to love yourself — the very essence of who you are — extravagantly, even if, like me, you have very little insight about when and where and how in the heck to begin to do that. I dare you to know that you know:

    “In the stillness there is a song that rises up within you. And it is unlike the song of any other. It is yours alone to sing, and in the singing you will remember.” May all our hearts become “an unstoppable chorus of change.” I’m learning to love the song of my life and its strange melody that blends with the harmony of all that is. I dare you to move. I dare you to sing again the song of yourself and learn the tune you have carried in your heart.

  9. I dare you to take that giant leap! To leave everything you know behind! I dare you to listen to that sometimes quiet, often loud voice in your head that is telling you to veer off course, that you belong somewhere else, that there are greener pastures! I sold everything I owned in October, bringing only what would fit in my car, and moved to an island off the coast of Maine. I had to really tap into my reserves to make this happen! I had to really put myself out there. I had to make declarations from the bottom of my soul. I had to work through pain and heartache and at times debilitating fear. When I arrived, everything I had lined up except a place to live, fell through. I wanted to hide in a pile of blankets until the scariness stopped! But I kept my head up and kept listening. Really listening. And things started opening up, and kindred spirits appeared to help out, and although bumpy…my journey to Maine and my path since I arrived has been undeniably amazing. It is as if this whole world has always been here waiting for me. And I knew it all along, but I finally listened! So that is my dare! Leap and listen! Or listen and leap! Whichever comes first! 😉

  10. I dare you to Market the way you know you want to. No hiding behind “but they told me this would work”. Just full on doing it the way that gets you jazzed, excited and connecting with people in YOUR most natural way. As long as it drives clients, who cares how you do it!

  11. I DARE you to honor your gentleness, compassion, and vulnerability as Divine gifts and strengths. I DARE us to be relentlessly and unflaggingly gentle. I DARE us to be a force of gentleness in healing our hearts and the heart of our planet. And, frankly, screw ’em if they think gentleness, compassion, or vulnerability are signs of weakness.

  12. I dare us all to let go of the need to do it all ourselves!
    To learn to open our hearts towards trusting in one another and to let go of the things and activities that are not purposeful for us. To dare to have the courage to go out and find the right help for what we’re NOT meant to do.
    I dare us all to find a higher purpose in that act and to know that by letting go of that which is NOT ours to do, we give a chance to someone else to find THEIR higher purpose.

    Thank you Lissa for making me express what my heart calls out for.

    Christiane Holbrook
    Helping entrepreneurs become inspired team leaders and Filipino virtual assistants to become inspired team members so together they can change the world!

  13. I dare you to step outside of your comfort zone and step into that amazing business that will spread hope around the globe. Your experiences will help those that want it soar…. Love, Spirit

  14. I Dare YOU to LIVE OUT those “I want to ______ when I grow up” dreams… ALL of them or As many as you dare!! After an awesome , profound, extremely “high” Spiritual experience in which I, along with all form and creation, experienced a full and complete return to pure Source Energy, I was left NOT KNOWING how to be in a world that I knew was not real, but purely an expression of mind; an illusion. So I figured I’d go back to the beginning and BE all those things that I said as a child I wanted to be when I ‘grew up’. So without ANY idea how, but armed with knowing that if I BE it and ACT as if, it would become my reality… I set off to live my “childhood dreams”. I experienced being a film and TV actor, songwriter and singer, singing my music onstage live, recording my music, befriending internationally famous celebs, dating a legendary rockstar, writing a music video for a label (for same rockstar) and so, so much more!

    What I got out of it? LEARNING and EXPERIENCING that ALL truly is possible, EVERYTHING begins with a DECISION, especially a decision TO BE ‘that’, there ARE NO RULES, amazing ADVENTURES are only a DECISION AWAY… plus the bonuses of SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF APPRECIATION and LOVE and a LOT LOT of FUN!

    So what did YOU always want to be when you grew up? What is that thing (or things) that you have written off being? I dare you to BE it! Even if only for a day, a week, a month, a year … or maybe the rest of your life!

    Amy Flynn

  15. I dare you to get that motorcycle license you have been talking about for years and plan your first major road trip for this summer. Go on you can do it. Call up your local motorcycle safety school, take the damn lessons, go buy your sexy girl leathers and get that bike you have dreaming about. What are you waiting for? It will be the best trip of your life. Of that I am sure. Ciel Ellis.

  16. I dare you to do the right thing in the right way at the right time….even when you are shaking in your boots. And then….to have a big glass of vino and a piece of chocolate when you really do come back home alive at the end of it!

  17. I dare you to trust in the massive upheavals even if it feels really scary. After 13 years of cocooning in my obscure, precious little country cottage, I am forced to move – not coincidentally just as I commit to bringing my message out into the world. After a fearfest freakout, I’m starting to discover all kinds of possibilities that will create a more physically active, exposed, and connected lifestyle just by relocating. Who knew?! Obviously Spirit did…

  18. I dare you punch well above your weight. I met and fell for someone who I never thought would go for me! She’s 6 inches taller than me and 5 years older and when I met her, to me she was the ‘brightest, shiniest, most special thing in the shop’! If I’d believed everyone who told me ‘she’s too tall’, ‘she lives too far away’ ‘it’ll never work’ I would have missed my soulmate and playmate who I’ve now been happily – and at times ferociously – married to for over 11 years! I dare you to put yourself out there and punch well above your weight. He/she might just say ‘Yes’.

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