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I dare you to hurt more.

I love my business. I love supporting my fabulous clients, I love figuring out new ways to use technology,

I love problem solving when things go wonky.
But in the end, for me, it was just my business: something that makes money so I can live an amazing life with my wife and son. So, when things go wrong in my business I figure out what is happening and do my best to course correct. I get frustrated. Sometimes I get angry. But it is never too challenging to work through it and keep going.

Then, that all changed.
I decided to return to my work with teenagers and started the “Teen Technology Project” with a goal of helping teenagers build and run a technology company that supports non-profits, causes, and small businesses with their technology needs.

Just like my business: I loved what I was doing, I had energy around the project. I was excited. Everything was moving along. And then I hit the first road bump.

And it hurt.

Strange, I thought to myself. This is no big deal. I have dealt with a similar challenge before in my business.

But this time it hurt.

I was really upset that the plan wasn’t working. I was choked that this road bump, no matter how small, was getting in the way of succeeding.

What is different? I thought to myself…..why does this suck so much more than other road bumps I have hit?

It turns out that I have a real passion, a beyond loving-what-I-do passion around this new project working with teens. And because of this new found, deeply felt passion, it hurt when something went wrong.

When something goes wrong in your business it can be a pain. When something goes wrong with your passion it hurts.

If you are currently side stepping or avoiding the work you are passionate about, or, if you are not following that passion fully in your life or business then I have a dare for you:

If you are not already, do something you are passionate about.

If you are already doing your passionate work: start doing it bigger and with more gusto!

It won’t be easy. It will be scary. And when it doesn’t work it will hurt.

But do it anyways.

I DARE you to hurt more.

Jeremie Miller
Father, Husband, Mountain Biker/Hiker/Paddle Boarder/Skier, Avid Gamer & The Obi Wan of Online Learning Video Streaming


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  1. Excellent post! How did I miss this one? Yes, walking through the pain/hurt is critical to getting to the good stuff on the other side. Too often, we quit when it gets hard. AND, yes, when you are invested with your heart, it hurts even more.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and thank you for caring about the teens so much.

  2. Just remember a road bump is just a redirect. So comforted to know how deeply you care about developing our teens. Thanks. You will be supported.

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