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I dare you to not be Moses.

I love the famous story about Rabbi Zusya, the one where he is fretting about dying and his students are like “Dude, you’re so good. You’re so wise. You’ve lived the law to the letter, right up there with Moses. No problem – God is going to be so happy with you.” And Zusya gets up in their grills and yells they don’t get. “In the world to come, they will not ask me, ‘Zusya, why were you not Moses?’ They will ask me, ‘Zusya, why were you not Zusya?'”

In other words, being good and wise – like Moses – is great – but only if you are Moses.

In your life, It’s tempting to think that being Moses in the answer to what ails you or itches you – whether being like Moses means taking the course everyone else is taking or having kids because that is what everyone does or _______ (fill in the blank). It’s so tempting and so deadly because it can keep you from living the only life you can live – yours – for so long you miss it entirely. To help myself stay awake and aware of the Moses syndrome, I coined a question. I offer it to you today as your “dare.”

What calls to me when I am freed of having to be somebody?

I love this question because:

It tickles you with the word “call,” the notion the world is always calling to you, always asking you to bring your gifts into play, in service to yourself and the world. That’s easy to forget if you are trying to be Moses mainly because you go looking for Moses’ gifts in yourself and for some strange reason, you never find them.

“Freed” reminds you that being anybody other than who you are is a silly and pointless illusion. You can be freed of that illusion at any time. Poof!

Then there’s “having to.” Having to implies you don’t have a say in whether you are Moses or yourself. I bet you hate to be told what to do thus this handy phrase will awake your fierce resolve to declare, “This is my life! I choose who I am and what I value and the paths I take.

Nobody else!”

Asking this question dares you deeper into your life, the life you choose.

It’s a playful, radical and courageous question.

My dare is simple: ask yourself this question often. May it help you not be Moses.

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