28 Elyse Hope Killoran

I dare you to defy convention and play a radically new game with your life.

If you are anything like me, by this point you have probably given the “conventional game of life” your best shot.

You tried to play by the rules that you were taught while you were growing up.

You tried to “fit in” and live up to other people’s expectations.

You tried to “succeed” by following the prescribed game plan:
~ work hard
~ follow the “tried and true”
~ don’t make people uncomfortable
~ don’t get carried away by your imagination

I was a miserable failure at playing the “conventional game.”

In 1999 – as an in debt, unemployed, single-mother-of-two (whose husband had a nervous breakdown and walked out on the family after being fired for having an affair with his secretary) I was blessed to hit bottom.

I say “blessed” because it was only after hitting bottom that I was finally willing to accept defeat and exit from the “game” that everyone else was playing and choose, instead, to play a new game that was designed to fit “me” instead of the other way around.

The old conventional me would never have dared to…
~ risk my family’s security by choosing self-employment
~ speak publicly of things that were “on the fringe”
~ believe that I had a “purpose” that was bigger than just making a living
~ risk everything to craft a life that was a match to my true nature

In my case I had to hit bottom before I was willing to take any of these risks (but I’m hoping that you are not as hard-headed because the fact that you are reading this suggests that you are already catching on to this “new game” stuff faster than I did.)

At one point my mother arranged for me to have a session with her therapist because mom wanted her to bring me back to “reality.”

At the end of the 50-minute consultation the therapist asked whether I “had a Swiss bank account somewhere that I had failed to mention,” because my vision for my future was outside of anything she believed was possible.

But that was the whole point!

We’ve all heard the phrases, “Follow your bliss,” and “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

I dare you to take those questions to heart – because only by stepping off the conventional game board will you discover a more rewarding experience that is uniquely suited to you.

The exciting truth is: The whole world benefits when you commit to being true to “you” and to play a game of your own choosing!

My life has expanded in every direction – personally, professionally, spiritually and financially – since I decided to shift course and consciously create my own reality.

On behalf of the 7 billion of us who desire a more prosperous collective future, I’d like to thank you in advance for your courage to begin 2013 by playing a radically new game with your life.

Elyse Hope Killoran is the creator of the free, online “Choosing Prosperity Game” at http://ChoosingProsperity.com which enables people across the globe to anchor a field of new possibilities for ourselves and for the planet.

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