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I dare you to do away with what you've been putting up with.

My dare to you is to be willing to be honest with yourself about what it is about your current work, projects, business etc that is unattractive to you.

There are aspects of what you do that you don’t like. They drain you, frustrate you, annoy you. You wish someone else would do them.

If you’re honest, you feel like a victim of them. You don’t like the book keeping. The networking. The dealing with customers. You secretly hate public speaking. Or the following up.

My dare to you is to identify three of those things in your world that you are tolerating and deal with them. Make a plan. At the root of these challenges is the belief that there is no other way to do it – there’s no alternative. And that’s a lie. Or likely a lie.

Your dare is to make time, be creative and find a way to decrease or eliminate the things you’ve been putting up with.

These things are like the leak in a tub that will leave you dry. Most people try to pump the water in faster and harder. It’s usually smarter to just plug the leaks.

I dare you.


Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, hippy Tad Hargrave had to admit he was also an avant garde marketing nerd AND (in the end), it was his thing to become a marketing coach for hippies – uniting two often at odds worlds in a liberating, innovative way.


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  1. Right on! Just what I’ve discovered recently. I can allow myself to believe that it’s okay for me, who offers psycho-spiritual money behavior coaching along with detailed financial tools and analysis to mirror, direct, and tweak money monthly to entrepreneurs who hate bookkeeping, to actually let go of the bookkeeping work myself and train and certify others to do it strategically for my Vision MoneyMap tool. Just one more limiting belief that’s going this year!

    Letting one essential but less than igniting for me part of my business has opened the door for me to see other ways to leverage my best work and upgrade the work for others who love it. It’s a win-win for everyone! Thanks for the dare!

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