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I dare you to tell a story you aren’t sure anyone wants to hear.

I dare you to offer something to the world through your business that you aren’t sure will be marketable.

When I was in the early days of my business, a mentor said to me, “Isabel, your work is all about communication.”

And I said, “No, I don’t think that’s true.”

Why? Because I’d heard a leader in my field (the radical Thomas Leonard) once say something like “no one wants to be a better communicator.”

And that kernel stuck in my brain.

Even though Thomas was all about communication.

Even though his comment was made in the context of saying that “communication” wasn’t the move that would get people to buy, you needed to tell them what they would get by being better communicators.

But in my mind, what I held onto was this belief, “If you say your work is about communication, you will be doomed to struggle for all eternity trying desperately to persuade people to work with you.”

And I didn’t want that.

I wanted my work to be about something easy, something obvious, something people would understand and want right away.

So, when it was time to find the next focus for my work, when I came to the natural end of offering my “Inspired Professional” trainings, I decided I would get certified as a Guerilla Marketing Coach.

I mean, that was the way to go, right?

I targeted small business owners, and all small business owners want help marketing, don’t they?

I was sure this was a sure ticket to the next wave of success for my business.

So, I got certified, I used all my Guerilla Marketing skills, and I got a nice bunch of Guerilla Marketing clients.


As I sat down with my clients, I realized something.

I didn’t really give a rat’s ass about their marketing.

I mean, I didn’t really want to discuss if they wanted to use postcards, or advertising, or do more networking. I didn’t want to twist their arms to set a marketing budget or establish their marketing calendar.

There was really only one thing I wanted to do.

And that was talk to them about their message. About the story they were here to tell. About the content of the material they would put out in the world through their marketing.

And that’s when I surrendered.

That’s when I knew I couldn’t turn away from the truth any longer.

My work WAS all about communication.

And even though the thought of taking this unusual, out-of-the-box, not-so-obvious, hard to explain body of work out in the world absolutely terrified me, I knew I couldn’t get away with doing anything else.

So, I dare you.

I dare you to tell the truth about what you’re here to offer, even if it scares the crap out of you.


Isabel Parlett is a message whisperer who asks people the biggest, deepest questions about their work and their lives, and then gives them clear, simple language to express those ideas out in the world.

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  1. Yay-O! Yay-you, Isabel! What a great model of courage you set forth for the rest of us. And isn’t that what all coaches are meant to do? Yes, I believe so. Thank you with deepest gratitude!

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