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I dare you to touch life.

One of the things we humans fear most is fully inhabiting our bodies. Being human is a vulnerable proposition, and being a woman is even more so. Most of us have a keen fear of death, and for those of us who do, we make life choices, mostly unwittingly, that value safety and security over risk-taking and vulnerability.

We seem to find comfort, in a safe fearful way, in our belief that we are separate from each other, even though safety’s handmaiden is often loneliness.  When we believe this, we grow lonely, and brittle, and afraid of connection. Our bodies become shields against life, against feeling, and against love.

But are we separate beings? Does life in a human body make for a lifetime of separation out of fear or distrust? It doesn’t have to.

It is through our senses that we truly connect with each other, and with the world around us. And, touch, while one of the loveliest senses, is the one we most often fear exploring.

Most of us were chastised when we were young for wanting to touch everything in sight, even though it is natural for children to reach out and want to explore the world through touch.  And, many of us have been touched in ways that were not loving to our bodies. It can be a struggle to learn to trust touch again. Yet, it is worth it. I’ve discovered that touch is one of the most beautiful aspects of being alive.

As a child, I remember how much I longed to touch everything around me. Whenever I came across something new, my first instinct was to touch it. It was a way of finding out more about it, but also a way to connect with it. Our skin is the most sensitive organ in the body. And, it communicates with all of our organs and the entire inner workings of our body. As we touch, and as we are touched, our whole system connects with the world around us.

As an adult, I love to touch and I love to be touched. I love to touch sumptuous fabrics. And, touch is more than simply with the fingers and hands. One of the things I love most is when a breeze touches my skin, or the warm sun caresses my face. Heaven on earth, I say.

We can also touch the world with our eyes, our heart, and our voice. We can caress the world with dance and song. As our feet touch the earth, the whole world feels the beat. As our voice fills the air, the entire world receives the notes.

So, this is my dare. I dare you to touch. I dare you to touch life. I dare you to touch you. I dare you to touch, deeply. I dare you to become so aware in the cells of your fingers that you feel every intimate detail of what you are touching, every cell so alive that you finally say to yourself, “Now I know what it is to be truly alive.”

I dare you to touch another with your eyes; you know, that deep, long soulful gaze, someone with whom this desire for connection is reciprocal. I’m not necessarily talking sex, although it can be. What I am daring you to do is touch another soul, deeply, to touch another soul with the human caress of one who knows what it is to suffer, knows what it is to grieve, and knows what it is to be joyous and playful.

I dare you to touch life with your unveiled heart. Yes, it can be frightening, and yes it can be totally exhilarating. Be kind and compassionate with yourself as you work to remove the veils that keep you hidden… except for the innermost parts of the heart that are meant for you and the sacred alone.

Touch another with a heart ready to drop the mask, ready to reveal, ready to see and be seen.

Life lived through a human body is a glorious thing. It is filled with an infinite variety of experiences, from joyous ones, to truly sorrowful ones. Yet, it is through the body that we really, ultimately live, because it is through the body that we ultimately touch life.

Julie Daley
Writer, blogger, teacher, dancer, activist & creativity in biz coach who’s most recently known for her jaw-droppingly juicy & provocative work evoking the deepest truths of the feminine.

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